Police also went to Mount Jiuhua trouble ! Allowed believers chanting Man ! Said someone complained too noisy ! There is no mistake ah ! Jiuhua Mountain Tai Hing Temple in remote mountain temple ! Trouble for looking too far ! Contempt ROC Police electromagnetic brain controlled robot too !

Also prompted me to vent, when Buddha with heart
Sakyamuni Buddha: Buddha's blessing , please do ( a U.S. state ) or ( Japan a country ) or ( founding )
PS: the purpose is to ( ROC government expelled collapse rot ) !

After the Buddha heart was happy and comfortable! Ha ! Refreshing ! Hope all wishes come true ! Recently I have heard some of the senior sister apprentice said police also went to the trouble of Jiuhua Mountain ! Allowed believers chanting ! Said someone complained too noisy ! There is no mistake Yeah ! Jiuhua Mountain Tai Hing Temple in remote mountain temple ! trouble for looking too far ! contempt ROC police electromagnetic mind control robot too!

This was a complete tyranny Yeah ! Universal revolution Yeah !

' Refusal to pay withholding is your basic human rights , " [ Taiwanese ] can perfectly legal to refuse to pay tax
At 1:35 on May 6, 2014

[ Taiwanese ] may be perfectly legal to refuse to pay tax


● holdover duty is to give them under the stairs ! Since they face are not, on the refusal to pay the withholding of it !


Right § ‧ People's Republic of China Chapter II of the Constitution → → Article 19 obligations

People have the obligation to pay taxes in accordance with law .


ROC Constitution ......... but the first chapter → Master → Article 4 ROC territory , according to their inherent territory, the non- resolution of the National Assembly , as amended , shall not be altered . [Note] when setting the ROC Constitution was published 36 years on January 1 , when none of the Republic of Taiwan and Penghu ! So the Constitution , the Republic of China law, the Ministry of Finance of the heads of various tax provisions are tax shall be implemented in the territory of Taiwan, a non- ROC Constitution and Penghu ! Unless the ROC in Taiwan and Penghu can come up with is indeed prove their territory !

 § ‧ ROC Constitution, the first chapter → Master → Article 3

ROC nationality with the Republic of China . ROC is referred to before 1949 when the Republic of China is not subjugation !

§ ‧ 1949 Chairman Chiang Kai-shek to Taiwan skip exile of President Li Tsung-jen , vice president, premier , vice president, defense minister , deputy minister and chief of the official position seven classes separately in exile exile fake patchwork National Taipei Assembly clapping continuously connected to any additional hereditary president of " pseudo Republic of China" , in the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan before signing the " Sino-Japanese friendship Treaty " non- consent by the laws of war by the people of the occupied territory , nor after two years ' of legal considerations " path to Taiwan residents as his" pseudo- ROC " nationality, from beginning to end is invalid !

§ ‧ So this " pseudo Republic of China" in the world and no one can take the initiative to admit, has been regarded as unlawful " governing authorities on Taiwan !" Moreover, at the 26th Session of the UN General Assembly October 25, 1971 on the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 formally announced the expulsion of Chiang Kai-shek and the burglary at the United Nations on behalf of Wellington Koo 's share of seats in the Republic of China (http://zh.wikipedia.org/ wiki / File: UN2758_zh.JPG), Taiwan's " pseudo- ROC" even disguised qualifications are lost !


§ ‧ 1978 on August 12 in front of representatives of Japan and Japanese Peace and Friendship Treaty concluded in Beijing, China , already in the September 29, 1972 , published in co-signer "Sino-Japanese Joint Statement ", the announcement by the Republic of China and "Sino-Japanese peace Treaty" entered into between the Japanese lost the meaning of existence and came to an end , so the people of Taiwan " illegal ROC nationality officially fail ! (http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Sino-Japanese Joint Statement , see the contents are not included under the term supplement the text )

                                                                                  ◎ so since September 29, 1972 Taiwan's " pseudo- ROC" even its right to rule illegal , the executive power and the right to tax completely disappeared ! Taiwanese have to pay any tax ?





2014年5月6日 1:35






§‧中華民國憲法 →  第 二 章 人民之權利義務→第 19 條              




......... 但是中華民國憲法 → 第 一 章 總綱→第 4 條   中華民國領土,依其固有之疆域,非經國民大會之決議,不得變更 之。                                                                                【註】 中華民國憲法訂定公布時為民國 36 年 01 月 01 日,當時台灣及澎湖皆非中華民國!故其憲法、中華民國法律、財政部之賦稅目各種徵稅條文皆不得實施於非中華民國憲法領土之台灣及澎湖地區!除非該中華民國 能拿出台灣及澎湖地區確是其領土之証明!




 §‧   依中華民國憲法 → 第 一 章 總綱   →   第 3 條              



§‧1949 年蔣介石委員長流亡來台跳過總統李宗仁、副總統、行政院院長、副院長、國防部部長、副部長及總司令等七個階層官位,另行在流亡地台北拼湊的流亡假國民大會 所拍手連連續任外加世襲總統的『偽中華民國』,與日本在舊金山和約前簽署了『中日友好條約』非經戰爭法由佔領地人民同意、也非經兩年『法定考慮期』逕將台 灣住民列為其『偽中華民國』國籍,自始至終都是無效的!



§‧所以此 『偽中華民國』在國際上無人能主動承認,一直被視為非法的『台灣統治當局』!況且於1971年10月25日的聯合國大會第26屆會議上以   聯合國大會2758號決議正式宣告驅逐蔣介石及其在聯合國代表顧維鈞所竊佔之中華民國席位(http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:UN2758_zh.JPG),台灣的『偽中華民國』連偽裝的資格都喪失了! 




§‧1978年8月12日中日兩國代表在中國北京締結的和平友好條約前,早已在 1972年9月29日,在共同簽字發表的《中日聯合聲明》後, 宣布由中華民國與日本之間訂立的《中日和約》失去存在的意義而宣告終結,所以台灣人的『非法中華民國國籍也正式失效!(http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E4%B8%AD%E6%97%A5%E8%81%AF%E5%90%88%E8%81%B2%E6%98%8E見未納入內容的補充說明項下文字



                                                                                  ◎所以自 1972年9月29日台灣的『偽中華民國』連其非法的統治權、行政權與征稅權也完全消失!台灣人還要繳甚麼稅?

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