This is a disgrace to the ROC political corruption ROC electromagnetic brain controls the National Security Bureau of Investigation Cao Dawei do Fuck event another one! Stop my shop IP position, not allowed me Internet access road courses! ROC has not made ​​a mistake I had pay fifteen thousand NT Huang Yalan overall shape of course! national security with you what Way group of controlled stop my IP address! FUCK! 已經Already This is a disgrace to the ROC political corruption not so of decent, actually partnership electromagnetic wave mind control spy Guoan (Cao Dawei) blocked my home computer's IP position, I paid Already, on a computer network courses as well as 77 points in the network courses (Original modeling) of Huang Yalan course, I have to pay, what you ROC political rot so bold block my IP location, head to the whole harm me would not let me in class, humiliated to such an extent that the moral behavior of citizens around the world, said the whole mess is your brain controls the electromagnetic ROC political rot Oh! This madman wants me to continue to sue the consortium, I did not stupid, I will put YouTube announced the worldwide ROC political corruption, which is a private feeling cheap political rot bullying citizens, but also thousands of obstruction of me on any skills courses, head to want me to ask this national security Cao Dawei, please contempt ROCK political corruption worldwide, please do America a state referendum statehood, stop the election ROC!

ROC government the losing unsuccessful lawsuit against me (the obstruction of secret sin) again after Cao Dawei national security continue with electromagnetic mind control the entire harm me, I have already paid the fee to block network curriculum IP Location! Purpose not allowed me to class! Even I buy the (Wayne scissors) design modeling classes are not allowed to class! bribed a director of man Taichung Wayne! I signed up do not give me lessons! Chedan electromagnetic cults country!


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