ROC  really Than the Communist Party Not enough , the CCP will at least tell people not constitutionally guaranteed right to know the people will be patient complaints protect immigrants,

 but you ROC lied to the world ,
and the ROC was said to have lied to the people  for constitutional guarantees may  cheat people go fight the complaint,
does not observe the constitutional rules, so to defraud people!
Really! Not as good  even the Chinese Communist Not enough Yeah!

Please tell me the ROC government in Taiwan no constitution, and announced to the world, I plead guilty!
Today I actually received ROC government Taichung District Prosecutor's indicted prevent harm  secret crime files, using Article 251 of the first prosecution against me, ROC malfeasance crime is not honored Article VII of the Constitution the law of equality class equality, Article VIII of personal freedom, I have been a lot of cases the plaintiff lawsuits are not eaten prosecutor handling the case, the prosecutor is to help people collect evidence, without permission closed, the judges have concluded free proof of authority, the court scene camcorders of course, I have a constitutional Article safeguards court can certainly anti-rail card recording, because they all ate cases of dereliction of duty, I put youtube to let everyone know, not to mention I have proof!
ROC Constitution, the Government abandon to  the  Constitutio, users please help me find the world of human rights complaints website! , I also can not find lawyer employed, I urge users help! Thank you!


  我今天竟然收到ROC政府台中地檢署檢察官起訴我防害秘密罪文件,用第251條第一項提起公訴告我,ROC瀆職犯法不尊守憲法第七條法律人人平等階級平等,第八條人身自由,我是告訴人訴訟很多案件都被檢察官吃掉不辦案,檢察官是幫助民眾收集證據,無權限結案,法官才有自由心證結案之權限,法院現場有攝錄影,我當然有憲法第七條保障,出庭當然可以反軌證錄影 ,因為他們全部瀆職吃案件,我才放到youtube讓大家知道,何況我有證據!


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