Housing loan principal conversion formula4100000 × 20÷ 20 = 0 enough clear! Good to negotiate compensation for it in this notice carefully: (Temasek Holdings) Group!夠清楚了嗎!我們好好的來談判賠償吧!

Post as evidence a letter to inform (Temasek Holdings) Group, you break the law the following criminal offenses.

NO1: (defamation)(An affront to the crime!)
(Jetstar) the use of false flight safety lie to the media published untrue, the real name of the picture image (defamation)!

Evidenced by the following:


Luggage and wallet are not the same specifications行裡和錢包不一樣規格

Jetstar-Airline lie to reporters  (TV News dig, dig program),  subtitles write (Luggage bags) to deceive the whole world (Luggage bags),But I take is the (wallet  purse)狗黨讓捷星騙記者登新聞挖挖挖節目,不敢打字幕(錢包Purse),怕漏氣假飛安電視字幕打(行李)PS:重點我背的是(錢包Purse)跟 (行李包包bags)二種規格差十萬八千里!


2,Instruction Put orientation is wrong.叫我放錯的方向!

捷星這指示圖表:這正確的行李應放在自己的座位椅子下)。But jetstar Let me put the wrong location.. The flight

attendant want me to put my purse錢包 below and in front of the chair. But this is a wrong action which has been showed on the indicating figure. God! False flight safety! They actually asked me to follow the wrong rules,





YEO KOK HUA: This captain  humiliated  me.隊長羞辱我

Content:} The first and the last sentence were said "get out!", but the other sentences changed to said "get off! You get off this aircraft!" which were totally unacceptable. 此外Besides, he pointed his finger at me他指責我在超過二百人面前 in front of more than 200 people;{他臉非常激烈 his face was so fierce} and{他行動使我蒙受羞辱 his action humiliated me}! This means the crime of public insult in law.這表明在法律上公眾侮辱犯罪Complaints Jetstar directed wrong - the evidence of the false flight safety: (They even don't return the ticket fee to me!)jetstar Indicating figure:( the correct baggage should be put in own seat chair bottom.
第一和最後一句說“滾出去!”,但其他的句子改為說:“下車!你下車,這架飛機!”這是完全不能接受的。此外,他用手指著我他指責我在超過二百人面前,在前面的200多人; {他臉非常激烈,他的臉是如此激烈}和{他行動使我蒙受羞辱他的動作羞辱我} 這意味著在法律上公開侮辱罪,這表明在法律上公眾侮辱犯罪投訴捷星執導錯了 - 假飛行安全的證據:(他們甚至不退票費給我!)捷星指示圖:(正確的行李要放在自己的座椅底部。


    I send this as evidence a letter to the (Singapore Jetstar), need to get you 'compensation! My husband is overseas daughter of Malaysia Malaysia nationality! Published false in the world of international media to slander us and  daughter was embarrassed it! was let mother and daughter can not be  in the world of international! very humiliating Yeah! not to mention I used to run a small show in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States singer!
      Taiwan 7 Home News exposure, Taiwan's major TV news, newspapers, online media, the program (News digging wah-wah) is the world's Play! American friends and friends in Australia have phoned to me! Say that I am on TV! Relatives in the U.S. say that the world Daily also published!, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia the entire board!) (Jetstar thus committed 310 published untrue the libel! (newspapers, television, images, Mingzi have)!

     Lead to slander my reputation with my daughter suffered serious affect my business, do not speak haircut customer criticism, family and friends misunderstanding of foreign friends, classmates ridiculed my daughter, to Internet rumors false account in many webs of the comment curse against me and my daughter, so I and my daughter must be compensated! litigation or sue!

All evidence Website:
(1) False flight safety: the false flight safety flight attendants site said:

The To my purse on the chair in front of the indicator diagram below × Wrong video evidence Website
False flight safety: the false flight safety, (Jetstar cabin indicates that the figure) is a large travel bag specifications to the specifications of the knee, the size of my wallet! Evidence network:

The flight attendant told me to put the front passenger chair under the instructions wrong orientation, Jetstar instructions picture is playing × wrong!
Recorded Evidence net:



      Purchase tickets on September 9, 2010, booking class: F8VNGT

((Fu Teng travel agencies collecting turn a receipt for the uniform invoice: 70475319)) NO:76 Bo ai Road, Taipei 10F-1

Person in charge of (Dong jinshui), the contractor members the (Dongan Qi), set Jetstar flight 3K522 flight September 25, 2010, Time: 19:30 pm My name: Chang Mei-Feng daughter's name: Chen Yi-Hsin, two bit co-payment airfare: $ 24952NT,.

      PS: But you Jetstar Aviation Consumer Foundation in Taichung mediation fails! Not refund my ticket money now! You the consortium of the Government of Singapore listed shares (Temasek Holdings) deliberate with the ROC government to play with me!!!? ??

The use of false flight safety cheated media published false slander I deliberately throw me off the plane: the real name of the picture image (defamation)!
The evidence is as follows:

The (Jetstar) and (DBS) all belong to the Government of Singapore (Temasek Holdings) group of companies (Temasek Holdings) Group is dissatisfied with my Youtube upload log (real evidence) link to a worldwide network in Taiwan to buy through the ROC government Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office and the Attorney General!
(Jetstar) at the date of the flight safety event took alarm triplicate receipt after returning from abroad! First report to Taichung Consumer Foundation, coordinated by the Taichung City Consumer Protection Officer false flight safety to compensate my event! You deliberately speak evil of me do not want to lose money,
Forced me to Take it, and alarm it to the Sanlian single-after the receipt the to go to Taoyuan District Prosecutors !Litigation, bringing out reams

1 .. Taoyuan detection letter reconnaissance, prosecutors have been Change for different people, to (bribe prosecutors may  be able to find the object) to deliberately delay the time to do in this case! After the time is long overdue, variables play tricks, PS: the authority of the Prosecutor only help people Reconnaissance case! judges have authority sentenced sign closed sub-
    But you finally bribed someone is willing to help you Jetstar criminal (Guo Qianxuan) female prosecutors, her Guo Qianxuan prosecutors criminal malfeasance directly send a letter to my (self-signed closed)! Reconnaissance process procedures are not settled by the court of committal for trial , this (private) process is form a bribe Prosecutor (Guo Qianxuan) of dereliction of duty! I have been ready to sue her to the Judicial Yuan, Control Yuan!

PS: I have a new Lawsuit Litigate for disclosure Litigation, bringing out reams , the case is not the end! Until ye have in the government of Singapore (Temasek Holdings) Group compensate me !

NO2: (Temasek Holdings) Group (DBS) (forgery) (Fraud)!
  Temasek Holdings Group again harm in Taiwan the 1-4 floor shop housing loans! (Fraud of principal and interest) event! (Forgery) (Fraud)

I also have to go the (Taichung Consumer Foundation) for the record!  DBS Bank Taipei managers do not want to calculate the principal and interest let me know!And the DBS bank manager told Consumer Protection officials do not want to reconciliation!

After that I went to Taichung Kang Road (DBS) Taipei manager again do not want to calculate the loan principal , DBS Bank (mortgage interest signed a written contract)do not give me see!Also do not let me take pictures!

Occurrence of all my video as evidence!
DBS break the law this crime and I also need to (claim compensation)

Give your principal conversion formula:

Total loan amount × 20 years(To pay the principal for 20 years)   ÷ 20 years(Bank signed a 20-year loan all year contract) = 0

If I loan amount of 4.1 million, 20 years of signing the loan principal conversion formula is as follows:

4100000 × 20 ÷ 20(Bank signed a 20-year loan all year contract) = 0

The criminal sent principal loan balance receipt of DBS Bank, the first of more than 30 million, later learned conversion formula I will, once again sent the receipt of the principal loan balance and change the number of I converted, or break the law to eat more than 20 a million principal!


PS :: (signed on  May ROC 93 years to start lending for 20 years)

If I contract for 20-year loans, with a total loan amount of 410 million, I paid 8 years .6 months each year can be converted reconciliation, as follows:

20-year mortgage paid -8,6 ​​= 11,4 years (still owe the bank the remaining)

(The total number of loans) 4100000  × 11,4 (owed to the bank years) ÷ 20 (the mortgage total year) = 2337000 (you still owe the bank the balance of the principal amount)


410 × 11,4 ÷ 20 = 233,7
Key evidence:

        The principal amount of the DBS bank fraud count!

But you DBS Bank sent in January 2013 (consolidated statements) (loan transaction details) housing loans (principal) count out the total figure it indeed fraud me $ 313,963NT

As follows: total mortgage

, $ 2000000NT government concessional loans
                                                                      = $ 4100000NT the total number of
Two, $ 2100000NT personal credit loans

1, pens mortgage (loan account) 018 155 ** 443 * 0001 still owe the bank principal balance of $-1284326NT
2, pens mortgage (loan account) 018 155 ** 442 * 0001 still owe the bank principal balance of $-1366637NT

          1284326 +1366637 = 2650963NT
Key evidence:

        I have calculated the correct principal as follows:

2100000+ 2000000 = 4100000 × 11,4 ÷ 20 = $ 2337000NT

DBS principal counted $2,650,963 - 2.337,000NT principal operator = 313963NT (DBS bank fraud amount)

You DBS Bank is the result of the Jetstar event fraud Housing loan principal $ 313963NT $

OK! Clear enough! Carefully negotiate compensation for this notice: (Temasek Holdings) Group


捷星亞洲航空公司(英語:Jetstar Asia Airways)


Jetstar Asia regional offices under the Qantas Jetstar by Qantas, Singapore businessman Tony Chew, FF Wong, and Singapore's Temasek Holdings co-operative. Three low-cost airlines in Singapore, it had a positive competition with Valuair (Valuair) (Both companies have flights to Bangkok and Hong Kong). Jetstar Asia on November 19, 2004 to obtain the approval of the Government of Singapore to operate at Changi Airport. After the formal establishment of Jetstar Asia flights of the company will focus on its distance within 5 hours flight time in Singapore City, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Pattaya, Jakarta, Surabaya and Manila.

Merger with Valuair

July 24, 2005, Jetstar Asia and Valuair merged. The merger of the two companies is the first of the low-cost aviation industry in Southeast Asia. Both companies said the merger will continue to use its own brand to operate on routes and services remained largely unchanged. CEO of Qantas Airways, Jetstar Asia chairman Geoff Dixon (Geoff Dixon) became chairman of the new company after the merger, Jetstar Asia chief executive Ken Ryan (Ken Ryan) was appointed as the two companies Chief Executive Officer. Merger, Qantas Airways became the largest shareholder of the new company, and and injected nearly S $ 50 million for the new company. Valuair shareholders Lin Zhenming, Malaysia's Star Cruises has become the ordinary shareholders of the new company.
捷星亞洲航空公司(英語:Jetstar Asia Airways)


Singapore companies
Temasek Holdings:
SingTel - Singapore Post - MRT - Singapore - Singapore's light rail train system - International Pte Ltd in Singapore - DBS Bank - Neptune Orient Shipping - Singapore Power - Keppel Group - Raffles Hotel - Sea town subway Holdings International - Jetstar Air Asia - Singapore Airlines - Singapore Airlines Cargo - Singapore Airport Terminal services - Changi International airport Services Company
Government Company:
Singapore Changi Airport - Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore - EZ-link card - Ministry of Communications (Singapore) - Singapore Housing and Development Board - Singapore Exchange
Private companies:
Eu Yan Sang - Popular Bookstore - BRAND'S - Wheelock Properties (Singapore) - Tiger Balm - Bee Cheng Hiang - Far East Organization - the South Hay Group - Mapletree Investments - Mansfield Group
The Fullerton Hotel - Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Singapore) - Singapore Shangri-La Hotel - Goodwood Park Hotel



(捷星航空)利用假飛安騙媒體刊登不實,圖片 影像 真名字之(毀謗罪)裡的第二項!

      購機票日 2010年9月9日,訂位代號:F8VNGT


負責人(董金水),承辦員(董安琪),訂捷星航空班機2010年9月25日3K522班機,時間:19:30pm.我的名字:Chang Mei-Feng女兒名字:Chen Yi-Hsin,二位共付機票錢:$24952NT.

      PS:  但是你們捷星航空在台中消費者基金會調解不成!也不退還我機票錢到現在!你們該財團星加坡政府上市股(淡馬錫控股)是否蓄意配合ROC政府來玩弄我呢!!!???

利用假飛安騙媒體刊登不實毀謗我故意趕我下飛機:,圖片 影像 真名字之(毀謗罪)裡的第二項!



(2),捷星航空騙世界媒體記者刊登不實!(我的是錢包)被電視 報紙 網路改寫刊成(手提包)(旅行包)的規格!
  而且捷星指示圖被我錄起V8裡,放到自己做位椅子底下的規格圖片是男人的公事包,前面椅子腳下也不可放隨身旅行袋!  PS:何況我的是(錢包),不同旅行袋,公事包!假飛安,公報私仇!竟叫我做錯的規則!




NO2:(淡馬錫控股)集團(星展銀行)之(偽造文書罪) (詐欺罪)!

:(淡馬錫控股)集團又再次在台灣加害於我1-4樓店鋪房屋貸款! (吃我本金 利息)事件!(偽造文書罪) (詐欺罪),
這之間我也有去台中消費者基金會備案!你們星展銀行派來的台北經理不願意在消保官面前計算給我看本金 和利息!而且告訴消保官不願和解!




總貸款金額 × 20年(付清本金20年份) ÷  20年(銀行簽約20年貸款全部總年份契約) =0


4100000 ×20÷20=0


如我合約為20年貸款,總貸款金額為410萬,我 已付了8年.6個月,每年都可換 算對帳,如下:


 20 (年期抵押貸款支付) - 8,6 =11,4年(還欠銀行的剩餘)







                                                          =  $4100000NT總數

1,筆房貸(放款帳號)018155**443*0001還欠銀行本金餘額$ -1284326NT
2,筆房貸(放款帳號)018155**442*0001還欠銀行本金餘額$ -1366637NT




星展算的本金2650963  -  2337000我算的本金=313963NT元(星展銀行詐騙之金額)



    我現在寄此存證信函給貴(星加坡捷星航空公司),是需要得到妳們的賠償!我先生是馬來西亞華僑女兒是馬來西亞國籍!在世界國際媒體刊登不實來毀謗我們母女很丟臉呀!簡直是讓我們母女不能在世界國際混飯吃嗎!很丟臉呀!何況我以前是跑 東南亞 歐美的小秀歌星!
      台灣奇摩首頁新聞曝光,台灣各大電視新聞,報紙網路媒體,(新聞挖哇哇)該節目是世界播放的!我美國朋友及澳洲朋友紛紛打電給我!說我上電視了!美國親戚 說世界日報也刊登!香港中國 ,馬來西亞全登了!)(捷星因而犯下310條第二項刊登不實,誹謗罪! (報紙,電視,圖像,名子都有) !
     導至我與我女兒名譽嚴重遭受毀謗,還影響我的生意,剪髮客戶批評不講,家人不和,國外朋友網友誤會,我女 兒同學恥笑,網路流言做假帳號在很多網紙來評論罵攻擊我及小女,所以本人及小女一定要得到賠償!不然提告訴訟之!

(1)False flight safety: 假飛安空姐現場說:

False flight safety:假飛安,(捷星航空機艙裡指示圖)是旅行袋規格大到膝蓋,大小不是我的錢包規格!證據網:


(3)YEO KOK HUA捷星機長把消費者當眾羞辱人錄下趕人下機情形證據網:

   我的E-mail ,chang37192000@yahoo.com.tw  or bibi2009pc@gmail.com



捷星亞洲航空公司(英語:Jetstar Asia Airways)


捷星亞洲是澳洲航空公司屬下的捷星航空的地區分公司,是由澳洲航空、新加坡商人Tony Chew、FF Wong和新加坡淡馬錫控股公司共同合作經營。作為新加坡的第3家廉價航空公司,它與惠旅航空(Valuair)曾有正面的競爭(兩家公司都有飛往曼谷香港的航班)。捷星亞洲在2004年11月19日取得新加坡政府批准,在樟宜機場運作。在正式成立之後,捷星亞洲表示公司的航班將以與新加坡距離5小時以內飛行時間的城市為其重點,其中包括了上海香港台北芭堤雅雅加達泗水馬尼拉與惠旅航空合併

2005年7月24日,捷星亞洲與惠旅航空進行了合併。兩家公司的合併是東南亞廉 價航空行業的首宗。兩家公司都表示合併後會繼續利用自己的品牌運作,而在航線和服務上大致保持不變。澳洲航空公司首席執行官、捷星亞洲主席傑夫·迪克森 (Geoff Dixon)成為了合併後新公司主席,而捷星亞洲首席執行官肯·萊恩(Ken Ryan)則被任命為兩家公司的首席執行官。合併後,澳洲航空公司成了新公司的最大股東,並為新的公司注入了近5,000萬新加坡元的資金。惠旅航空的股 東如林振明、馬來西亞麗星郵輪等則成為了新公司的普通股東。

新加坡電信 - 新加坡郵政 - 新捷運 - 新加坡地鐵 - 新加坡輕軌列車系統 - 新加坡國際港務集團 - 星展銀行 - 海皇航運 - 新加坡電力 - 吉寶集團 - 萊佛士酒店 - 海鎮控股國際 -捷星亞洲航空 - 新加坡航空 - 新加坡航空貨運 - 新加坡機場終站服務公司 - 樟宜國際機場地勤服務公司
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