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   超牠馬!皇天不負苦心人!這台中地檢署張斗輝過年前接了我寄的郵政存證信函後!今日我又接到法院通知書!內容台中地檢署終於承認487案是誣告罪!不是侵 占罪!這也代表他張斗輝終於認罪瀆職偽造文書 篡改案情!好笑的!可是今日文書內文又告訴我已結案!趕鈴羊!///



      媽的!我還沒寫郵政存證信函之前!牠是用侵占罪出公文偽造瀆職!(害我又要再多寫一次郵政存證信函給地檢張斗輝檢察長)並且從新控告他瀆職偽造!看牠老人 家瀆職幾百條之後!能否被判終身監獄!污辱我們人民老闆的錢!全民以後如碰到如此惡魔檢察長!PS:(記得先寫郵政存證信函給司法人記載牠們不公不義之過 程!)存證!出庭須錄影存證!






我 的487案是誣陷我(防害風化)亂抓人.無視憲法第十條亂來我家搜索,無人,事,物,時間,地點,還亂在公眾場所大廳侮辱我說妳被捕!並拷手腳鐵鍊!超超 超!後來逼我簽名!我死都不簽!居留我夜間出庭!買通我第一位律師顧問!不給他出庭!還好我有很多位律師顧問!二日律師出庭後!妨害風化竟用重刑犯八萬元 交保!一個月後判無罪!我律師不敢幫我反告回誣告罪!所以按鈴申告變487按號PS:(這487是我被判決贏後,反告回假證人跟警察誣告罪的案號)!狗黨 KMT竟然司法空殼如此程度!全民妳們說阿扁呢!那冤情一定更大!就算啊扁不是政治獻金!被狗黨死凹成貪污!那也是狗黨奸商銀行財團錢!一起陷阱陷害阿 扁!不像(夣想家)表演開天價及(核二廠螺絲)天價,全民買單耶!超!


申請再議淹滅證據:已經出信判無罪!我要告回誣告罪!竟淹滅證據判警察無罪台中地檢署可以關門了!這機構才是詐騙集團,詐欺人民的薪資!淹滅證據:主題告誣告罪!竟寄信函來判警察無罪,並且改主題為侵佔罪! Flooded destroy evidence: Subject report malicious accusati...


   Super horse! Hard work does pay! Taichung District Prosecutors Office Zhang Doo-hui years ago, picked up as evidence letters I send postal!, Today I received a court notice! Content Taichung District Prosecutors Office finally admitted that the 487 case is a malicious accusationnot Embezzlement! his behalf Zhang Dou Hui finally pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty for forgery tampering merits funny! However today instrument text and told me to have been closed! rush bell sheep! / / /



      Damn! Before I did not write the the postal deposit certificate letter! Use of Embezzlement out documents forged malfeasance (causing me to have to write more time the postal deposit certificate letter to be seized Zhang Doo-hui Attorney General) and the new charge him with dereliction of duty forged! see it elderly malfeasance hundreds! Can sentenced to life in prison! insult our people boss money! such encounter after the referendum so the devil Attorney! PS: (remember to write the postal as evidence a letter to the judicial records they are unfair meaning the process!) as evidence appear to be recording as evidence!



           Commentary: before the presidential election, I criticized in the Internet Ma Yin dog tribal message sequels! Second day came for me!



The 487 case is framed (prevent harm weathering) poking. Disregard of Article 10 of the Constitution chaos to come to my house search, no one, and things, time, place, and chaos in public places in the hall. Insult me say you arrested and Khao hands and feet chains! ultra super later forced my signature! I die do not sign! residence my night court! bribed my lawyers a consultant not give him court Fortunately, I have a lot of lawyers consultant two days solicitors' Rights! violation of public decency, had eighty thousand yuan bail with felons! month later acquitted! lawyer can not help me to turn against the back of malicious accusation! so bringing out reams of change 487 press No. PS: (this 487 I was false witnesses to turn against the back after the verdict win, malicious accusation with the police case number)! dog party the KMT turned out such a degree of judicial shell! universal-Bian it! that grievances must say you! even ah bian is not political contributions! is dead recessed into corruption that is dog party profiteers consortium of banks money! together trap framed Chen Shui-bian dog party! unlike (Meng homesick) show opened astronomical and the high price of (nuclear Plant screws), universal pay Jer! super!



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