Expose KMT dog the offerings party brainwashing people biochemical weapons]
Yesterday, I sent this article, this dead dog offerings party let these spirit, mind control] evil safeguards team officers to get me to midnight, to engage in my hands and feet cramps my exam grade B Hairdressing license, the whole of my hands paralysis to the exam can not take the hairpin clip hair end I gave overcome FK the more you fix me more day after day, I sent this article, the FK you dog party ancestors 18 generations, so you secular newspaper three o'clock last night for a long time, my home windows sand window never mosquitoes actually been let mosquitoes buzzing in my ear to wake me up, my feet and then electricity to electric shock, the target will not let me go to bed so I could not sleep, pretend deities realm, has been put to the screen, Zhuangshennonggui cliché! 20 years! Can play something else! And

The brain control fraud syndicate Brain control our brains insider scam process ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The amazing brain wave receiving system
1.X-ray camera: used to collect the fingerprints of brain waves that brain
Radio signature, in the case of knowledge of the parties in
With X-ray camera irradiation buildings within 500 meters
The head, can be collected to the human brain waves fingerprint, similar
TV search for channels and save the program number, the brain waves
ID number of the fingerprint mark for the future as long as the input
Into the ID number will be able to receive the person's brain waves,
Each person's brain waves fingerprint is stored in the database,
(The brain waves fingerprint finger and the eye sclera fingerprint a
Kind of unique, not found in the world have the same brain
Airwaves fingerprints of two people), through the buildings to see 5
Km away from buildings, walls like glass.
Kind of transparent, floating in the air, in the evening also see a
Samples clearly able to distinguish between a 5 km away several teeth
Tooth appearance like digital cameras. (Principle: X-ray days
Man telescope can see the 10 million light-years away celestial bodies, train
The station baggage scanners, customs container inspection

2. The brainwave scanner (human camera / thinking language access
Receiver): used to receive brain waves, brain waves
An electromagnetic wave, the human brain is like a television
Continuously outward emission brainwave signal, brain waves can be connected
Received, do not need to be implanted within the brain to chip receives EEG
Wave like receiving a television signal from the brain waves in the
Isolated signal of thinking, the vision God diameter signal, hearing God
Multipath signals, wherein thinking signal is converted into sound, text
And image (similar to the antenna receiving the television signal), no
The tube think what brain wave scanner can receive records under
Without mouth to speak will be able to want to do convert sound
Sound, text and images. Sound through the speaker output, the text
Word and the image display on the screen (high resolution);
The visual signal is also converted into the path of God images into a person
The body of the camera, the victim saw what objects, brain waves
What the object is displayed on the scanner screen. Auditory path of God
Signals into sound output through the speakers, brain waves
The scanner appearance like MP4 player and Chinese information can
Connected to the computer. The brainwave scanner Receiver range is the radius of
100 km -200 km, over a distance of more than must
Satellite, brainwave scanner access within 100 kilometers
Transmitting the signals received to the GPS satellites, by satellite transponder
The hair can be anywhere on the planet with another brain waves
The scanner receives, as long as the input signature ID. Now
All human thinking by brain waves are not far
Brainwave scanner is received and stored in the computer, each
Different fingerprints, brain waves and a computer at the same time points
10000 records a person's brain thinking, depends on a person in the dry
What, mind, Just enter the ID number
You can also search keywords to find the keywords
Because of this technology, the whole person is very hidden and convenient.
There are many victims can not stand the entire equipment forced
Harm and suicide, many the artificial cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial
The infarct killed.

3. Gamma-ray emission: it is a directional emission can
Penetrate any object distance burn East splanchnic vascular
West, a man burned to death while no one can check drawn dead
Apoptosis causes the machine, is irradiated to the surface of the human skin
Injury, while the visceral necrosis.
Microwave radiation emitters: the irradiated ears Weng Weng
Sound, dry mouth, dry eyes, burning skin, visceral churn
Prolonged exposure to able people burned to death. A burned
Up and no one can check drawn to the cause of death machine.
5. Radioactive ray emitter (industrial testing machine): according to
Shot when the body produces coldness, nausea, vomiting, no food
Want to feel tired, too cold, people are continuously irradiated with a
January will seriously reduce white cell derived leukemia death
Death can also lead to cancer of the blood, a man burned to death
And no one can check drawn machine of the cause of death. 50th Floor

6. Insult machine: thinking misleading facilities evil
The verbal harassment generate many people talk
Sound. The technique uses a remote sensing satellite, brain wave scan
Instrument, large databases, the whole equipment: microwave ray hair
Emitter, laser transmitter. Many countries (including China
Included) have mastered the remote detection of the human brain and dry
Scrambling technology, commonly known as "the spirit of control
System "or" electronic torture "(Mind Control
& Electronic Harassment) summarizes by
The harmful to experience, the technology has reached process
Degrees: 1. In the vast majority of places to obtain victims
People's thinking. The options include the basement, elevator, fly
Machines and other strong shielding of electromagnetic signals or sensitive ground

The brain controller in the end is what kind of weapons? It is the country
The international community is strictly prohibited the use of electromagnetic waves of chemical and biological weapons,
Abroad called electronic torture. 1840s by the German
Scientists successfully developed. The former Soviet Union defeated Germany
This technology for himself. In the 1860s, the former Soviet Union
The highest price to sell this technology to the black community
Will. Brain controller not only the brain can receive information, but also
With the brain waves of different wave of various organs, God
By and bones cruelly. You what pain you which
It hurts. The main attacks parts of the brain and heart. And
Noise, increased the brain, heart, eye to the brain to release
Pressure, but also the heart dyspnea. Make the skin long pimple
Boil, face change. You can also make brain death,
The heart stops beating. With murder function was tube
This device is called murder radar.

Brain controller by what means control brain
It? According to the letter online fellows, foreign website
Interest rates, seen through three ways: A Note to the ear
Neurons of electronic chip shot, two kinds laser gun
To installation of neurons electricity to the scalp deep shooting
Sub-chip. The brain neurons chip can receive brain waves, and then
After connected with the brain controller of the electromagnetic waves can receive brain letter
Interest rates. Third, according to the acquisition by brain fingerprint "for each
Human brain fingerprint as fingerprint only,
Brain fingerprinting, "American ID number is
The brain fingerprint No. "input to the brain fingerprint device, you can receive
Human brain.

The first detective, theft, and information access. Locking
After, the target person's personal physical activity especially psychological live
Move them directly synchronized power body
Radar remote sensing receiver magical remote to be received. A
Live human body is an excellent millimeter wave emission source, everyone
Its specific spectral. Remote sensing machine so contained in the wireless
Power radio frequency (ground wave). Thus locked state in remote sensing
, The human body is like a special channel TV transmitter
Taiwan, "see-through body (through the human body, such as Crystal Light
Mingfa light, visible internal organs shadow profile), and up to a
Statements were made by his party, in which tens of meters away visualization of movement around
Changes within the current form He thought He (Xinyu and want
Like the diagram) as well as the dream process, and can be heard and witnessed
(Auditory visual information ears as if listening devices, eye
Resembling the camera), and lifelike sound image information letter
Number and containing the radiation, has targeted the special mixed sensing shot
Frequency transmitter and receiver "capture" and receive. It is its
Implemented an advanced radar remote sensing. Received by the receiver
The signal is the radar echo. Signal from the remote sensing machine electronic
Processing of the microprocessor, may be selectively through the telemetry machine
Comprehensive audio-visual display watch and listen to, monitoring projects
Marked, anytime, anywhere. Confidential information, privacy and fine
God status easily. Such as "you" (stolen
Glimpse of those) see what peeper from the video screen
See intuitively know him if he wanted
Her! "This is to let the people of the world wow! Radio
Wave Jew like passenger ferry ferry millimeter wave is similar ferry
On the bus, the body associated optical, audio, telecommunications
No. Like the car, man!

The second wave hit, vertical destruction. High-tech under any
Ended without privacy, it can upload waveform to a variety of electromagnetic
The directional type attack different location remote sensing target! As
Infrasound, ultrasound, low frequency, low frequency, intermediate frequency,
High-frequency, microwave, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, with remote
Strong penetrating ability. It is actually a special radar chase?, And
Goal to be the wave hit. The different frequency, modulation
Produce different style, power, strength in different tissues and organs
Efficiency. Targeting Screen lock targets can be accurately
Manner so that any part of the body, fever, pain, electric shock,
Local itching, numbness, trembling, resulting in respective
Will lose organ function, such as eating, breathing the instantaneous trapped
Difficult, triggering coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, heart
Palpitate, drowsy, love of mind chaos and damage inflammation. Hold
Continued combat can devastate destroy the target (in the ears, eyes, heart
And vital parts of the brain, etc.). I.e. e.g., it can re-
Creating tens of kilometers away any exposure to a complex
One or more of the target in the room, invisible and intangible
Eventually, I do not know why. "Middle of the night with it, may God
I do not know hesitate a huge village asleep
(Pre-lock) lost away "heating or electric shock to the brain
Hope. "In addition, based on human millimeter-wave radiation.
It can still hit near the target or football in the implementation of remote sensing wave
Body of persons and objects, such as the arms of children, tied at the waist
Phone (electromagnetic pulse). This is really a Qiwei
Third, misleading, monitoring and suppression. This is to carry out the Department of
System operation. More than two, in addition, it can also voice
Manipulation of the target, such as the following:
(A) remote facilities the induction target body parts of the body, especially
Brain unit vibration, and can vibrate the sound, including a human
Words! "Your belly, as if someone in the hair
Words. "One scenario that this know nothing flurried
The indistinct "Troublesome, or suspected to be an illusion;
(B) Due to the specialization of electromagnetic induction, remote manipulation
Those elected to run the sound the the target human auditory God can direct incoming
System and perception, people around but unconscious!
That "you" can "listen" to "you" peeping manipulator
's Speech, "you" the person next to or even no use to anyone
Have this feeling and incomprehensible. "You" and peeping
By dialogue, seemingly talking to himself. Others see a
Like that nonsense;
(C) it allows the target the people misjudge sound direction, sound
Distance, that "you" "listen" to the neighbors across the
Wall "Tan Yee sound," you "peeping manipulation
Simulation play in more than a dozen kilometers away somewhere. This Yaoming
White, "you" are not received natural sound waves;

The software functions of the brain waves brain waves software use 〖〗
Hurt our steps first: brain wave scan
Instrument, collecting the victim's brain waves fingerprint and human micro
Wave fingerprint, and then enter the brain waves computer.
★ 1 brainwave scanner: the first generation to bring 'EEG
Wave acquisition cap ', collected the victim's brain waves. First
Second-generation smart chip, and implanted in the head of the victim
At the top, ready to receive brain waves. The third generation of X-ray
Camera, the victim does not know the circumstances, mining
Building set within 500 meters of the victim's EEG
Wave fingerprint and human microwave fingerprint.
★ 2 brain waves play: The brain waves are a form of electromagnetic
Wave, the human brain is like television constantly out launch EEG
Wave signal, receiving the brain waves as receiving television
Signal is the same, can be separated from the brain waves in the thinking letter
Number, the vision God diameter signal, hearing God diameter signal
, Etc., and can be converted into text, sound, images
Sent to the 'brain waves to control the phone'.
A thinking signals into sound, text, sound pass
Over the speaker output, the text is displayed in brainwave computer
On the screen.
Visual path of God B signal is also converted into an image, the eyes into
As a human camera, the victim saw what matter
Body, will be displayed on the computer's screen in the brain waves.
C auditory God diameter signal conversion into sound through speakers lose
A. D brainwave computers like the MP4 player and
Text information machine, capable of receiving wireless' audio and video
Frequency 'signal.
★ 3 the brain waves editing: multimedia software on the EEG
The wave information automatically. Shear processing. Modify
And restructuring. Brain waves can create a custom font and
The brain waves hypermedia information library (when you thinking of seating
Automatically modified John Doe). 'Land' Lee
Using the modified brain waves information, sow discord, fraud
Lie to other people's money, collect protection money of others
Second: brain waves (national network support telematics
Held: eavesdrop on our 'perpetrators', and
Non-foreign staff).
★ 1 brain waves can not be long-distance transmission, the main carrier
China Unicom's CDMA brain wave communication business
Band: 500Hz-2KHz, 10kHz, 20K-
40KHz, 170MHz-220MHz, 300MHz-
500MHz-1500MHz. If the conditional shielding
These bands, brain waves can prevent eavesdropping. Polyurethane
Ester foam board is good absorbing material placed on the bedside
May prevent eavesdropping (building materials stores sell). Original
Wen: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?
kz = 183940534 or China Unicom CDMA brain waves
Communication services (Baidu search. Detailed understanding).

Third: two-way brain-computer interface (is eavesdropping brain waves
The major technical breakthrough)
★ 1 is capable of simultaneously receiving and transmitting the information of brain waves,
Allows two-way exchange of information between the brain and external devices
Exchange, allowing external devices to transmit images to the brain,
Sound, smell, temperature, touch, pain, movement
Various 'sensory information', to control and interference by
Harmful purposes. This is the 'perpetrators' control and interference
The primary means of victims.
★ 2 human evoked potentials: the specific issue of human organs
Phase biological waves, each organ evoked potentials
Is different. Evoked potentials by EEG software automatically
Generation [human perspective view of the three-dimensional CT can see five
Dirty six internal organs]. 'Land' with a mouse click on [human
Perspective view of] a site (in fact, a device
Officer), our body will heat pain. Electromagnetic
Fatal burns. Localized itching. Paralysis. Fibrillation
Harm. Our body often inexplicable pain
Pain. Other victims around a few tens of meters within the same
Kind of harm (the same way).
★ 3 body types of evoked potentials: thinking induced electric
Bit, vision, hearing, taste, touch, pain,
Hunger, color vision, skin, brain stem, ECG, etc.
Now the majority can be successfully separated, can be
Control and interference.
Fourth: the brain waves computer control system and brain waves
Systems. (Brain waves computer 'victimizers who' harmful
One of the main tools)
★ 1 brainwave computer: motherboard → specifically for brain waves
Transmission design. Brainwave harmful software installed and save
Victim's brain waves fingerprint and human microwave fingerprint
And so on. Each person's brain waves fingerprint, a TPC
The brain can record 10,000 individual brain waves, to know
Road doing what they thought, as long as the input
The person's brain waves characteristic number you can find.
★ 2 brain wave control system: brain waves' victims
Human software 'as follows
A brain waves language intelligent control and ideological operating software
(Control and modify people's minds, people dreaming or say
Daydream, the victim, the spirit of interference, etc.)
The brainwave B thermoregulation (the ability to remotely control
Person's body temperature, the body of the victim can be fever, pain
Pain, burns, bodily injury to the victim,
Main homicide software)
C brainwave hypnosis software (issued hypnotic waves
People can sleep). The brainwave positioning tracking system
(By definition)
D brain waves language compatible input method the V2006 version (repair
Change people's thinking, for example: Joe Smith a good man, modified
Seating villain. Sleep, easier to modify,
Manufacture of false evidence, to deceive others, sow discord, fraud
Lie to other people's money. ) E memory processing dump (repair
Change memory, to save memory, in order to sow discord and
Fraud victims)

6, the control brain is able to control the victim how long?
Short, can be very short-lived. So do not be afraid
Pain, is survival the truth.
Such as, control brain can speed up the heart, but you can not let the subject
Victims heartbeat has been slowed because the heartbeat data and people
Brain data, like a normal transmission frequency control brain
The data can only be injected into the data could not have been blocked.
(Emotions, state of mind, thinking, in a daze
The truth)

Control brain dead victims caused by instrument heart
Death of it?
Do not worry, they know too many people die is not normal
"Shock", police will pay attention, because I found
A victim of too much, they are human beings, so
They will not be afraid.
I also can not understand, I only know that I was charged with
Depriving the brain by various parts of the local pain, stomach, from weak to strong
Pain, the heart is just a small pain, do not know whether it will
Lead to heart strong throes of shock, or heart giant Lie
Beating and death.
Through the death of the victim before his death, the medical report
Found that the cause of death.
8 brainwave whether to block or interrupt victims
Normal thinking?
Will. But does not affect, as long as you have the perseverance to understand now
Real is what is truly important.
(1) is very short, because if control brain has been sent
Send the same radio wave interference data, the victim's brain
Transmission data will be added and instead of (instead of the former
Provided that the victim has lost the ability to distinguish, as well as the loss of
Go nature);
(2) there is a is the most terrible, the victims
Have been tortured into a similar vegetative state, but the behavior is to listen
Victims of the command from the brain.
Note: keep a clear head, and the other is difficult to control

9 control brain technology will let the memory of the victims
Intelligence, thinking down?
Not. Efforts focused real life entertainment,
Learn more.
Because the victim's memory, intelligence, thinking only
Term around control brain by body, as long as the attention
Force focused on work and family in real life, you
Will not suffer any harm mentally.
Remember, this is the most important point, and believe that they can do it,
Come on!

10 brain control the final main purpose is it?
Believe that the people around them, do not believe the "hearing voices", really
Will not let you hear.
(1) allowed to doubt the family, so bad thinking instead by
The nature of the victims, allowed to eventually isolate themselves, but also
"Nervous breakdown" laying the groundwork for the final.
(2) interfere with the victims of the night when normal sleep schedule
Between, to let it look like a mental patient
(2) let her friends suspected schizophrenia
Disease, pave the way for its final outcome.
(3) playing by the victims of "survival of consciousness"
Victim, definitely not for the victims sake is to
So that in seeking to survive hope playing Yi Zhi
Victim Yi Zhi waning.

11 control brain makes victims wash
Brain "?
Not. To observe in real life, to learn more.
(1) If you are poisoning the beginning, as long as you phase
Believe in yourself, ignore the "auditory hallucinations", and told myself,
That is himself "instrument programming, because the control brain
Will not let you hear the real their purpose.
(2) If you are poisoning a long time, as long as you are observing
Your mind, you will find anti-police friends in reality
Should, wisdom, etc. In fact, all have been charged with cerebral deliberately
"Hearing voices" seduce around them. So, you
Just tell yourself "network, network, virtual
Pseudo-reality is most true, efforts to focus attention to the present
Implemented in. Note: This requires strong willpower.
In terms of intelligence, while listening to music Interests
Transferred to cheer for their own learning.

12, neurological brain control whether people lose nature and whether
Control of the victim incapacitated?
Not. Nature and reason you do not lose the conscience
When simply will not. But have little impact on reality
A little unresponsive, as long as you discover and
Tell yourself "reality important.
In normal control brain by interference victims thinking, constantly
Himself "victim bucket since
Has allowed Yi Zhi force weak, use psychological tactics let
The victims hesitate mentality (Once used to this
Way of thinking, it will become the so-called "reaction late
Blunt also suspect because the victim).
Note: control brain data can be added at the same time
To the victims of the brain to allow thinking, emotional
Impulse, is only temporary.

13 instrument and the purpose of the the control brain "himself"
"Herself": in fact, was by reading brain Miriam
Fetch the victims thinking, mood, state and environmental
Timely control the brain's statement (bad thinking, describe
Words, tone, and other data) added control the brain instrument, and then invade
Thinking of the victims of the "hearing voices" victims
Thought it was a the control brain "side" with their own dialogue;
In fact, this is the control brain victim "own bucket
Own ";
Collected by the victims' own bucket themselves "by
Words, adjectives and statements of victims usual tone, compiled
Into himself "instrument program;
And in victims do not know their own bucket own situation
Cases, emotional excitement, frustration, calm has been
To know more information about the victim's emotional state of mind, such as EEG
Data for the main purpose of subsequent emotional
On, thinking fine control.
Main purpose: To the future to the victim "wash
Brain "after success with the victims of the usual tone and shape
Yung sentence indoctrination and instead to the victims within the brain thinking,
In thinking, mood-driven action impulses reach
The so-called "control brain.
Pre Objective: amnesia (memory loss), the reaction
Slow, to interfere with the order and speed of normal thinking. In
"Himself" victim disoriented from
Achieve to think, to distinguish control brain, and to obtain from the strong
To weak EEG data, hold up the belief of the victims, Yi
Chi force status of EEG data;
Note: The memory of the victims, the thinking has been fully in control
The brain's "hearing voices" analyzing the world, with the outside world



The unworthy police brain wave monitoring theft the (whisper brainwashing) set
Group, the use of electronic communications the brainwashed equipment (electronic psychological
Control arms) and long-term monitoring, theft of another's privacy,
Long day and all night to send false tinnitus (squeaks),
False auditory hallucinations (noise, conversation was) to be filled with the victims of brain
God sharper harassment, intimidation psychedelic disrupt victims
The human spirit, deprivation of sleep, the victim white
Days to go out was limited, they again four disinformation, let
Everyone thinks that the physical, psychological, mental illness, fairy
, Or ghosts entanglement (the victim a dialogue with them, or
They angered) victim uninhabitable, no
Department to make a living, and then wait for an opportunity to steal property, they were afraid of the secret
Leaked transmit sound waves forced victims
The brainwashing (using hypnosis, psychological suggestion techniques to control
Square subconscious, to change the thinking of others) to long-term monitoring
Control, framed unknowingly do not understand this technology
This group of scum encompassing horror, do not know already framed
How many people?

Please help to forward it or inform others, gratitude
Endless, thank you!
More than 30 have been brainwashed victim URL blog
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2nd Floor

Others can know what you're thinking, what to do!
"Brain wave radar monitoring alarms" Japan (Patent Office)
Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication (A) International Chartered classification
6th edition G01S 7/38
Publication date: November 21, 1995 (Heisei 7
Public designation: JP-A 7-306259
Name: body intelligence (brainwave) monitoring sirens
Monitoring staff before locking the victim (brainwave)
Monitor radar messenger, talk about stealing the victim's
Then, thinking (brain waves), and even the physical condition of intelligence.
Can send various waveform waves (such as false voice)
Attack on the victim's body to make (such as genital attack
Strike, the shock of the internal organs, body parts and skin
Not pleasure and pain sensation). Probing radar range
Can reach is extremely remote control, unless the electronic shielding
Construction material, otherwise it is impossible to stop. The absence of anti-(brainwave)
Monitoring, eavesdropping equipment and radar inverse Discovery loaded
Set, is difficult to take countermeasures, surveillance, wiretapping side
Style. This radar the microwave frequency used and EEG
Wave frequency is the same.
This patent (EEG) monitoring each other sent out
Radar, the victim carry this device received
Will produce vibration alert, the victim will alert News
Location of interest, to the government airwaves administrative authority
Units report to detect radar of launch, can protect
Locked the victim of personal privacy and corporate groups
Or state secrets to prevent (EEG) monitoring steal
This wrongdoing happen again.
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3rd Floor

The ears can not hear, the human brain can receive (listen) to!
The world's first psychological weapon "Medusa" electronic
Communication brainwashing equipment
"View report" Medusa MEDUSA "Lee
Direct effect of the high-frequency signal to the human brain, it
Inexplicable fear or auditory hallucination. The United States' new science
Home, "the magazine said, the weapons MEDUSA (Mob
Excess Deterrent Using Silent
Audio), send a microwave pulse to the brain plus
Heat, increased cranial pressure cases appear sonic
That is, the so-called auditory hallucinations. Developed sonic weapons
Said: The main to send microwave affect human brain, the
To the voices inside the brain. Such weapons it
The Acoustics and microwave learn to connect together. The main role is
Psychological impact, so called "psychological Wu
Is. "Although non-fatal, but if the brain
Often affected by this sonic impact, will produce stroke now
The American Electronics physiological science expert Dr
Robert Becker in his 1985 published
Electronic medical science books (The Body
Electric): Back in the 1960s,
Dr. of Frey found that microwaves at 300
3,000 megahertz the magnetic (MHz) channel between the input
Delivery, and the deaf can hear the sound, like the sound
After almost from head. The research report shows that this channel
Of micro radio waves in the top of the temple near the front of the ears
Is brain receives. This is now like pressure in the brain seems to
Waves, pressure waves stimulate the nerves inside the ear and the inner ear
The receiver signal conduction microwaves. Sound by microwaves
Becoming connected conduction to the human brain, the micro-wave frequencies
Is 100 to 10,000 million Hz magnetic
Special wavy.

The electronic mental control arms CCTV Topics
Reported (video)
mid = 94 & prev = 104 & next = 88 & l = f & fi
d = 1
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4th Floor

Unscrupulous police brainwave monitoring theft (mind control, brainwashing)
Group, the use of electronic monitoring equipment (electronic psychological control
Weapon) long-term monitoring, theft of another's privacy (brain
Send false tinnitus (creak wave), all day and night (long-term)
Sounds), false auditory hallucinations (noise, conversation was) to victims
The human brain Zhuangshennonggui (sound waves), disrupting the victims
The spirit of the people and sleep deprivation, psychedelic victim so
The victims mental confusion, insomnia, drowsiness, behavioral differences
Often (victims dialogue with them or they excited
Anger), let the victim go out to have been limited, so that everyone
Thought it was a mental illness, gods or ghosts entanglement,
They four disinformation, the victim uninhabitable,
No place to make a living, and then wait for an opportunity to steal property. They were afraid of Peru
Secret leaked out, the alleged victim is mentally ill,
Victim that is self psychological effects, long-term
Body disease transmission (sound waves) to intimidate the victim,
Forced the victim of brainwashing (hypnosis, psychological suggestion
Techniques to control the other subconscious change victims want
Method), long-term monitoring, then any prank mercy
Victim, to be framed not know, do not understand this technology
The ears can not hear, the human brain can receive (listen) to!
(Sound waves)
Transmission of voice, feeling sound sources is that the ear
The outside walls (others) are coming!
Transmit sound, the feeling of sound sources that brain
Yard (subconscious)!
This group of scum encompassing horror, do not know already framed
How many people?

Should enable us to know this information, please help
Forward it or inform others! Thank you!
(The cerebral control) victims in more than 30 have been brainwashed blog
Person Website

Others can know what you're thinking, what to do! (He
Psychological language machine decrypt the U.S. (Patent and Trademark Office)
U.S. Patent Number: 3,951,134
Application Date: April 20, 1976
Name: electromagnetic waves psychological language machine
(Electromagnetic wave mind
United States invented in 1973, secret
After 25 years, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 1999
Decrypted according to the law, in the United States for the police to use,
They want to be kept confidential, so the name does not clearly show it
English formerly known as the Apparatus and
method for remotely
monitoring and altering brain
Waves (Device and method for remote monitoring and modifications
Change brain waves)
Distance Taking use of electromagnetic waves, radar messenger prison
Control, collected after the head of the (target) others, others
EEG to read the thoughts of others, to understand his heart
Management. Now the frequencies used by the monitoring system radar
The same brainwave frequencies.
: U.S. national patent and trade Trademark Office
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Unscrupulous police brain monitoring larceny the brainwashing Group (Arsenal
Within the Department since broke the news Branch turnoff groups), using the brain
Control weapons (radar waves to monitor brain send fake tinnitus
(Squeaks, high frequency harshness), false auditory hallucinations (noise
Interference tones, conversation in) (false sounds, sound waves)
Brain, disrupting the spirit, sleep, control action Wu
Device), framed unknowingly, do not understand this technology
The unscrupulous police brain monitoring theft (mind control, brainwashing) set
Group, the use of electronic psychological control weapons and long-term monitoring,
Theft of another's privacy (EEG), all day and all night (long-term)
Send fake tinnitus (squeaks, high frequency harshness)
False auditory hallucinations (noise, conversation was) to be filled with the victims of brain
God the sharper (sound waves), disturb the spirit of the victim
And sleep deprivation, psychedelic victim, the victim fine
God of confusion, insomnia, somnolence, victims and their every
Empty dialogue or angered by them, others seemingly row
As an exception, the victim out of action imposed on
To let everyone thought it was a mental illness, gods or ghosts
Entangled, they again four disinformation, so that the victim can not
To live, no place to make a living, and then wait for an opportunity to steal property. He
Were afraid of the secret leaked out, the alleged victim is a spirit
Patients through psychological effects, long-term victim identified
Intimidation by the disease transmission (sound waves)
Harm, and forced the victims of brainwashing (transfer talk
Sound change victims thoughts, hypnosis, and psychological implications
Techniques to control the other subconscious) to long-term monitoring,
Longer any prank mercy victim to framed I do not know
Love, do not understand the technology!
Transmission of voice, feeling sound sources is that the ear
Outside (others, next-door neighbor) coming!
Transmit sound, the feeling of sound sources that brain
Yard (subliminal heart feeling)!

Please help forward it or inform others!
(The cerebral control) victims in more than 30 have been brainwashed blog
Person Website
blog.udn.com / jshh,
tw.myblog.yahoo.com / jsh-jsh
JSH at July 23, 2011 04:31 PM Response | Homepage

6th Floor

The unscrupulous police brain monitoring theft (mind control, brainwashing) set
Group (the National Police Agency internal self broke Branch safeguards group)
Long-term monitoring to steal electronic psychological control weapons
Another's privacy (EEG), all day and all night (long-term) transfer
False tinnitus (squeaks, high frequency harshness), false magic
Hearing (noise, conversation was) to the victim's brain God installed Lane
Ghost (sound waves), disrupting the victim's spirit and stripping
Wins sleep, psychedelic victim, the victim spirit mixed
Chaos, insomnia, drowsiness, victim and Taking on
Words or angered by them, others seemingly acts Exclusive
Often, the victim out of action was the limit, so large
The family thought it was a mental illness, gods or ghosts correction
Tied, and then four disinformation, so that the victim can not be home
Live, no place to make a living, and then wait for an opportunity to steal property. They
Afraid of the secret leaked out, the alleged victim is mentally ill
Suffering, psychological effects, long-term victim that
Disease transmission (sound waves) to intimidate victims
And force transmitted conversation was the victim of brainwashing (
To change victim ideas, hypnosis, psychological implications Technology
Clever control each other subconscious), and long-term monitoring, and then
Any prank, the mercy of the victim, to trap I do not know
Love, do not understand the technology!
Transmission of voice, feeling sound sources is that the ear
Outside (others, next-door neighbor) coming!
Transmit sound, the feeling of sound sources that brain
Yard (subliminal heart feeling)!

Please help forward it or inform others!
(The cerebral control) victims in more than 30 have been brainwashed blog
Person Website

Others can know what you're thinking, what to do! (He
The electromagnetic waves psychological Language Machine (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)
U.S. Patent Number: 3,951,134
Log Date: April 20, 1976
United States invented in 1973, 25 years of secret
In accordance with the law in 1999, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Decryption, in the United States for the police to use them to the Greek
Look confidentiality, so the name does not clearly show its power
The translated English formerly known as: equipment and methods used in far
Process monitoring and transmission of radio interference brain.
Distance Taking use of electromagnetic waves, radar messenger prison
Control, collected after the head of the (target) others, others
EEG to read the thoughts of others, to understand his heart
Management. Transmitted microwave affect human brain, so that the sound
Inside the brain appears to interfere with the brain. Send a microwave pulse
Red brain heating, increased cranial pressure situation
The next appeared sonic is called auditory hallucinations.
Data: The United States Federal Trademark and Patent Registration Office

U.S. Federal Trademark and Patent Registration Office official website
Please point into the third row of the left-most column "Number
Search "
Please type the patent number "3951134"
JSH9068 at October 15, 2011 05:49 PM Comments | email Homepage

7th Floor

Mind contral Taiwan mental, psychological
Control (mind control, brainwashing)!
Police precinct safeguards group of unscrupulous persons using electromagnetic waves heart
Mathematical language machine monitoring brain synchronization location tracking, secretly
Transmission of electromagnetic waves, false tinnitus (squeaks, high-frequency
Shrill sound), false auditory hallucinations (noise, conversation in) long-term
Zhuangshennonggui persecution of innocent people (and their conversation or
They angered and recrimination, were others as a spiritual
Disorder), sleep control from the victim lives
Habitat, the victim uninhabitable, unable to make a living, and
Waiting for an opportunity to steal the victim (fraud) property, any evil
Whole, the mercy of the victim, framed unknowingly, not
Solutions of this technology people!
Transmission of voice, feeling sound sources is that the ear
Outside (others, next-door neighbor) coming!
Transmit sound, the feeling of sound sources that brain
Yard (subliminal heart feeling)!

Please help forward it or inform others!
(The cerebral control) victims in more than 30 have been brainwashed blog
Person Website
Mainland China more than 300 victims of brainwashing (brain control)
Person Website
Mainland China 64 (mind control, brainwashing) victims victims
Instance data
v = Ng-mvFdXG3Y
JSH9068 at April 26, 2012 07:29 PM respond | Report

8th Floor

The Changhua County China Wu Huishan have life-threatening Changhua County
Town Tai Ming Lane Yangming You
July 2, 2012 02:31 AM in response to

9th Floor

Take the next 100 years of the New Year when the entrance to the National Police Agency kanban
Petition to unscrupulous police brain monitor the theft (brain control washing
Group of the brain) evil, one into the Police Station vehicles saw
Stop and loudly asked: Who are you? Door staff
Shouted in reply: the safeguards set of them specialized in prank
People! Car: ..... door staff to answer:
I know the above have account down! They continue to
On talk .....; hear this funding from the National Police Agency door
News! More than all the National Police Agency, the National Police know
Safeguards group!

To to the presidential palace next to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office (ground
Prosecutors Office) charged police safeguards group!
Need victims to come forward when the "witness" to testify to prove police
Bureau safeguards group using "electromagnetic waves" psychological language machine
Zhuangshennonggui, to control the victim's mental, psychological
(Brain control, brainwashing Mind contral) all
shh, jshh@kimo.com

When the "witness" voluntary leave:
Name: Cheng Yuk Akira
Identity card: D120719068
Contact Address: Huayin Street, Taipei 1 of 3
Contact Number: No

The super horse dog offerings Party Bureau of Investigation, David Tso, is to use this brain control my 20 years, causing me to ruin and death, depression
Well a laundry list of lawsuits whole ultra curse your evil ways dog, the fastest this year, at the latest next year is full grasp
To shoot, dry your sheep,
Put the sorcerers safeguards team ip police shameless, and now again cast the lock control my smartphone I can not leave a message
Friends, my mobile phone number is Taiwan Mobile, I recorded since this evidence to sue the government or
Taiwan Mobile, or ip Police, told who would be more appropriate, or daily discharge recorded videos in mobile video advertising
Car, let all the people know that the dog offerings party is put to the character cult control of the minds of the people, but also learn the mainland commie for all people
Change robot, non-assertive, no faith, it seems to be all over the world come to worship God dog offerings Party Kmt and Communist China,
Dog party before they give up, ultra your a dog party ancestors 18 generations, all the people do not come to elect this dog offerings party elections
When Select TSU, prevention the Ma Yin dog party votes in the election that day, remember to fill in the sealed video and
The cried I chose names, without tickets to called the dog party anti videotape know the the cheap dog party with or without do
Votes, if the government is not allowed in our election video, all the people reject the election, nobody election, Taiwan Shun
Rationale chapters according to international law, common disintegrate into a state of the United States, national unity oppress people dog offerings party
the kmt,, cult demon dog beast
I was the whole disgrace 20 years! That is the people who control the whole of this brain! Must be because I put the figure!
Can be extended to shrink! Acting all around you! You must always do the best (Golden Horse actor) to deal with
(See the people, then, hell that nonsense)! Approved political parties to share fuel and collapse of the dog in this cult offerings party together!
chang3719200 at December 14, 2012 10:51 PM respond | Report

11th Floor

This is a discussion with my friends! I think that the (Foji good)! Buddha by hearts since that is the right path! Good side as long as
A clear conscience! Per person are Buddha! Vulnerable to the attack and will! Feather flock together, such as sub-particles, good all
Get together to enjoy each other good fruit each are Buddha! Universal concept force strike horse! A collapse of dog offerings party! Then all wishes come true!

(2012/12/21) wash our people say the end of the world, it is a the evil psychic to ancient people message!
Class brain, produces afraid that reads the strength will come true! So the people of the world that it will not it will not come true and the face for
Environmental issues, another space of the highest spiritual universe will not come complaints of human!! This is per person congenital
Some super powers! (Pronounced force) there (power) there (efforts) will succeed!

My friends (really) said: Tantric
If we say that a people practice Buddhism, Christianity some small supernatural powers, some specific features, claiming to be a Buddha.
But can not change the lie, can not demand their legitimate behavior such Famennian useless.

Moreover, Lu said little magic, totally can not stand the test.
As for the the Buddhahood sanming Liutong, point side also can not touch.

Copy someone else's book, the theft of the secret teachings of this own heritage, emptiness meditation obtained
Quanqing Esoteric Rinpoche to participate in their own garden party, is to convert and recognition.
Rinpoche gift, claiming heritage keepsake.

Audience with the Dalai Lama His Holiness general visitors to meet the claim to a deep talk with His Holiness confirms four factions Dafa
Also His Holiness the office later denied that.

This Wei Wu words Wu, without the words was not the testimony of the certificate, said the big lie big raving sectarian, I do not
Say he hurt Buddhist. Do not want to call him a cult. I do not want to care for him even the rationale.

Mei Feng Chang that you enlightened great! Righteousness to show your body! Are not afraid of evil! Can differentiate Evil! About to become enlightened!
chang3719200 at December 17, 2012 01:35 PM to respond

12th Floor

Taiwan Association of Victims of electromagnetic waves (mental / physical)


Added: the use of these weapons are usually some big country, such as China, the United States, Japan
And so on, rather than general term "user" police officer ", this weapon, according to my observation has long
Put these tools wrestling war or each other forces, and our people is as this Wu
Wrestling or the object of attack of the war, or bring research or development of weapons guinea pigs, so
The world we are living in is not so peaceful, private, world wars is on this weapon
, Because the use of such weapons to wage war not only silent, but unlike traditional war fly
Bomb or a nuclear bomb and cause devastating demise of the world, so today the world's major powers very early had
Use of such weapons as a tool of war, and the majority of the people of the victims also unknowingly, so
We only allow the use of these weapons to attack people matters made public, and let the people of the world know
The government of the world's major powers is how to use these weapons to the people as the object of wrestling, they
Will converge, because let more people know the truth is the thing they fear most. (These weapons cause
Some artificial thinking, man-made sound, artificial feel artificial images, artificial diseases, etc., the most important
Or by interfering with your thinking, and you to do originally did not want to do things in order to achieve
They interfere with your purpose)

Mei Feng Chang
Do not forget the dog party KMT China over the the Red Gang Green Gang underworld you!

I was the whole of Taiwan's Investigation Bureau that the Vice President of the People First Party (Ruey S. Lin) is also a KMT dog party Arsenal
Department Investigation Bureau whole open press conference Baoliao out! There I was the National Police Agency officers control the whole of this brain too
Fake car accident! Was actually about 50 police cars surrounded me! Tell you or the other hit me! And cars
Right! Taiwan has long been these five chemical and biological weapons, I suspect counterfeit notes bian government is also dog offerings in the party to take advantage of this biochemical
Weapons draft, do not forget the dog party KMT over!
chang3719200 at December 18, 2012 08:40 PM to respond

13th Floor

Mei Feng Chang
I share with you victims, this brain control set me up to date 20 years, I can
To tell you how anti they are afraid of "losing face", first ask from the heart, you have to steal the gun, cheat,
Deliberately go against your neighbor? Such as a clear conscience, the good things, when his dog police, such as whole to get you, deliberately put
Fear of images, dialogue with your heart All your large dog in his heart to tell police, more than four things I do not steal,
Gun, do not lie, do not harm, all back to these four, there is no folded, they the dog police also installed
God sharper, but as long as you do things according to the logic of the real Buddha will help you in silence, remember that if they
Fierce, you must be better than the police of their dogs more fierce, we are the boss, remember police dog forever than they
Qing high

Super horse dog offerings Party Bureau of Investigation David Tso control my 20 years is to use this brain, causing me to break people
Death trap, a laundry list of lawsuits whole I ultra curse your evil ways dog, the fastest this year, at the latest next year
Wholly taken away to be shot, dry your sheep,
Shameless put the sorcerers safeguards team ip police, I do not now again cast lock control my smartphone
Message to all users, and my mobile phone numbers TWM, I recorded this is the evidence to sue government
The House or Taiwan Mobile, or ip Police, divisions who would be more appropriate, or daily discharge recorded videos in mobile video
Advertising vehicles for all people know the dog the offerings party is put breaks cult control of the minds of the people, but also learn the mainland commie,
Universal change robot, assertive, no faith, it seems to be all over the world come to worship the dog underworld Party Kmt and Communist China for
God, they only give up the dog party, super dog party ancestors 18 generations, all the people not to choose this dog offerings
Party, elections, Select the Taiwan Solidarity Union, the prevention of the Ma Yin dog party votes in the election date of fill seal, note
Get the video and said aloud the names I chose to not check tickets, called dog party anti videotape know cheap
Whether the dog party do the votes, if the government is not allowed in our elections video, universal refused election, nobody election
Taiwan logical according to international law, common disintegrate into a state of the United States, national unity oppress the people of the dog
Offerings party kmt,, cult demon dog beast
Like · · at 21:11 on December 13
chang3719200 at December 18, 2012 08:43 PM to respond

14th floor

Universal solidarity in the collapse of the the oppress people dog offerings party kmt cult demon dog beast
Like · · at 21:11 on December 13

Ray Hsu:
You bitter history I quite agree, because I am also along the way, but this weapon interfere with long
Really know their principles, so this weapon for me like my plaything,
I can not do nothing, but I will continue to keep this thing so that more people know that there are so political
Government attention, a focus on your article, is the use of such weapons is not the KMT, also
Taiwan government, Taiwan is still no such ability to produce this weapon, you perhaps see
Blog or web transfer some of their error messages, because those blog pages
I have seen, their information is usually eighty percent, but victims usually turn
Shift the target to a police officer who, in fact, not these police officers, the use of this type of weapon
The ... View More
Ray Hsu
Added: when I do before a fight is yet to have a deeper understanding of this weapon, so when
A little more serious when the subject of interference, now the principle has been my grasp clearly, so
Disruption to almost all valid, but I still would have been the reaction down, because I
Personal values is not to allow such weapons in secret persecution of the people of the community, even now, I
Has this weapon immunity, but such interference or not just for me, so I
Will continue to react, because I can not accept such a weapon in the community, regardless of their own or other
People do a sub forward a point to try to make these weapons exposure, so that such weapons true
Phase presented in front of the world, this is their biggest weakness, as well as the most feared places, so I
Constantly reaction continues, whether for themselves or others the most basic human rights.

Caicheng Hong: I think Ray Hsu rightly said that, as far as I feel, they are completely unlike
Government units, it seems that some of the younger brother of the underworld, gangsters, with his best crazy
"Abuse", "terrorist" abuse, they still do not misunderstand others, which is, after all, China
Main society, they are less likely to be this way to treat law-abiding people.

Mei Feng Chang wrong! Yeah! The KMT is the Green Gang Red Gang underworld foundation Jer! I
20 years ago, singing in small show! Then do one week in Taichung City, United Artists Cabaret show! Who with gear Evergreen
Actor introduced Zhejian Ren (Bureau of Investigation, David Tso), chief investment consultant! Midnight snack after a day eaten fuzzy
Was raped! Ruined my life after this series of mental brain control situation all happened to me!
And 20-year term between Cao dog party had carefully told me it phone number! Intent I find it!
Friends of the scene can do card! Played in the past really is a phone I scolded dry it mother! Hang up immediately after the test!

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