Do not dream of ROC set me up To jail!Best play gooseberry
International regulations as well as criminal defendant pending lawsuits! International regulations are (absolutely can not the defendant To jail shut ) not to mention of false accusation me! You guys Best play gooseberry handling this (Cathay United Bank scams case forge case previously me lawsuits police 487 case,I win lawsuits victory, the documents cover seal of official document, there are judges, lawyers cover my seal of! Taichung the Court also focused on large cover seal of it in evidence official documents Taichung the Court was outrageous denial of justice, I won the lawsuit public documents 487 case but ate case! let you be able to eat, But can not swallow!

(1) would not let me go abroad emigration ROC guilty of violations of human rights law, (2) ROC Taichung District Prosecutors Office together with the court break the law (destroy evidence for five years) The reason 2009 Cathay United Bank of fraud Scams Life-insurance Forging Documents! Intentional framed with the government to force me to continue to pay for this entirely (already termination signature) contract contract, which early termination of the the savings insurance
(documentary evidence as) there! but the government deliberately bold collusion against me, even my lawyer is also cooperate them bribed was ! then no lawyer dare to take this case! but I does not give up this five year grievances, singleton go it alone continue to Taichung Court Litigation Cathay United Bank, but the case are still inundated destroyed evidence eat! between is also complained to the (banking sector HKMA) (Ministry of Justice) (the Judicial Yuan) (the Control Yuan)Be turned down buck the case! explanation not theirs management department!
(1)不讓我出國出境移民ROC犯了違反人權法,(2)ROC台中法院跟地檢署一同犯法(湮滅證據五年之久)起因2009年國泰人壽世華銀行詐欺Scams偽造文書!故意配合政府陷害逼我再繼續付錢這完全(已經解約簽名)的合約合同,這儲蓄險早解約了(證明文件證據)都有!但這政府官商勾結大膽蓄意陷害我,連我聘請律師也配合被他們買通bought off!之後完全沒有律師敢接此案子!但五年了我不放棄這怨氣,單身獨鬥不斷到台中法院 控告 國泰世華銀行,可是仍然被淹滅證據吃案子!之間也投訴到(銀行部門金管局)(法務部)(司法院)(監察院)全推案!解說不是他們的管理部門!
After 2013 has found another strip penal statute Litigation Cathay United Bank Life Insurance consortia locked my personal credit reputation of the (defamation sin)! result of this first investigation in court, the prosecutor within 18 court was shut by private law the means court door, snatch the a first scene me Balam glasses broken damage (damage to the crime perpetrated crime snatch the destroy evidence) that is handling public places still in custody 11 hours me handcuffed handcuffed and foot chains night me trial! forced me to Signed! I was status is (the identity the complainant Litigation!) out after I went to the police station Litigation the prosecutor! Taichung court but was they are great solidarity together false accusation me! disregard (trap against crime) to be sentenced me to jail! ROC four trial is completed still unconstitutional illegal sentenced me to sin! deliberately appealed to the Supreme Court to stop me! document is written inside out (superiors explain things superiors accountable)!
Can! Taichung court wrote the post office break the law unconstitutional malfeasance letters as evidence, all rights reserved all the prosecution, the more I have to mention (the International Tribunal) stage to show off your strict private law servant of Taichung Court bandits!
The ROC government falsely accused me (prejudice to secret sin) !! tell me the secret sins of prejudice to real murderer (superiors who explain things) ?!

過後2013年又找到另條刑法法規Litigation訴訟國泰人壽世華銀行財團鎖住我的個人信用名譽之(妨害名譽罪)!結果第一次偵查出庭,18庭內就被檢察官用私法手段關鎖法庭大門,1先搶奪我秘錄眼鏡現場折斷毀損(犯下搶奪罪 毀損罪 湮滅證據)那是公共辦案場所還羈押我11小時銬手拷腳鐵鍊並且夜晚審訊我!逼我簽名!當時我身分是(告訴人身份)!出來後我去警察局報案控告檢察官!但卻被他們台中法院大團結一同誣告陷害我呢!無視(陷阱陷害罪)要判我坐牢!四審完畢ROC還是違憲違法判我罪!還故意阻止我上訴到最高法院!出的公文裡面寫是(superiors explain things上級交代)!
可以!寫給台中法院犯法 違憲 瀆職 之郵局存證信函,全保留一切追訴權利,更加何況我還有(國際 法庭)舞台來嚴逞你們台中法院司法私法公僕土匪們!
該政府ROC誣告我的(妨害秘密罪)!!告我妨害秘密罪之真兇(上級交 代事誰)?!
ROC not let me Leave to go abroad, guilty of human rights law, ROC destroy evidence to set me up in jail! Can! Taichung court written the post office offenses unconstitutional malfeasance letters as evidence, all rights reserved all the the prosecution, the more I have to mention the International Tribunal for the stage to strict penalty strict penalties judicial private public servant bandits Rights as record recourse International Tribunal strict penalty strict penalties ROC!



推掉Be turned down
起訴 sued

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