Super fucking go died, shit there are more sinister equal to other stores manufacturers cooking oil flowing Oh! {(the top new) consortium} just scapegoat elections, dried a mother, whole people have to to sue this ROC political corruption and the consortium to the International Tribunal (collusion and deliberate thuggery)! litigation  win to party assets owned by the public, fired this governance rot, making the United States a state, or the founding of it!

超他媽go 死啦,shit 等於還有更多的黑心食油流向別家大廠喔!,{(頂新)財團}只是選舉的替死鬼,乾一娘,全民非要提告這ROC政腐及財團到國際法庭(官商勾結蓄意謀財害命)!訴訟贏黨產歸公,開除這政腐,做美國一州,或建國啦!

Boycott "black heart commodity" Alliance uploaded a new video: "[movie] 2014.10.20 '4800 ten thousand kilograms of Vietnamese people evil rig sinks." Sinister businessman
Yangzhen Yi will be 48 million kg Vietnamese evil oil sold to Taiwan, in addition to supplying a small part of the top the new addition, 45 million kilograms flowing of unknown origin.
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[Roundup] how much feed the evil oil Taiwanese in the end to swallow? Our representative office in Vietnam yesterday confirmed that sell oil to the top the evil big happy new Vietnamese oil company, in the past three and a half, total sales forty-eight million kg evil oil to Taiwan, these problems could have been swallowed oil consumers sinks, equal to 23 million people in Taiwan, two kilograms per person eating the evil oil. China attached Dong-Zong Hung, director of Medical Toxicology, said: "Feed oil may exist carcinogens and heavy metals lead, and the threat to human liver and kidney function aflatoxin, will increase the risk of cancer and cause liver and kidney dysfunction."

Drums heap plant

Vietnam big happiness factory still many barrels of oil companies, but the factory and dormitory empty. CNA

Representative in Viet Nam, said Huang Zhipeng, two 一一 四年 the end of June, total exports big happy about forty-three million kg of feed oil and five million kilograms of edible oil to Taiwan; Ministry of Health, Welfare Department Acting Director of the Food and Drug Jiang Yu Mei said the department only grasp the top the latter two 一年 new, justice and happiness forever into the big oil purchases, a total of about 3,595,000 kg. Translation differences, there are nearly forty-five million kg Vietnamese evil oil flowing into Taiwan where I do not know.
Changhua District Prosecutors Office refers to any company in Vietnam imported inferior oil, there are customs import declaration to be investigated, suspected big happiness to the top the new company in addition to supplier, but also to sell oil to Taiwan more than ten family business, this week will clarify arraignment Yangzhen Yi .

Vietnam big happiness factory, the parked trucks. Chen Chi-mai face turned photo book

Fear caused by the prevalence of colorectal cancer

Lung authority, Taiwan University President Yang Panchi said last week, worried that feeds oil into the food chain, causing chronic damage to the gene, people with cancer risk will rise. China attached Dong-Zong Hung, director of medical toxicology analysis, if exposed to two kilograms of feed oil, may increase the risk of cancer and cause liver and kidney dysfunction, fear is one of the causes of colorectal cancer and liver cancer prevalence in Taiwan is higher than abroad; he recommended that people eat more vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, will help alleviate the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Changhua Christian Hospital, director of toxicology 蔡宗宪 also said that inferior oil containing heavy metals and oxides, heavy metals caused by the accumulation of light headaches, sexual dysfunction, resulting in severe neurological disease, acute renal failure; while oxides too, makes the brain, liver, kidneys functional degradation. And the amount of saturated fatty acids in the inferior oil exceeded, it makes cardiovascular, diabetes can not be metabolized worse.

Wei debate but ask feedstock

Prosecutors revealed earlier this year, former chairman Wei Ting Hsin Oil should be sufficient to send the right hand 陈茂嘉 Vietnam factory inspection, Chen visited the big bad oil spots more than happy to acquire at in Vietnam, also photographed dirty oil refinery set photos, returning to do into the report, while the oil sent Wei Chuan Center laboratory test analysis confirmed "not fit for human consumption", but the report sent to the the top the new moon after the meeting, chaired by Wei Ying still gave instructions to charge big happy shopping oil.

The prosecution pointed out that Wei argued that the charge should be seen only visit report, did not read the factory inspection report, also emphasized by the company's raw material procurement department checks, he only asked. Wei's lawyer Luofeng Yin pointed out that the alleged evil outside world oil picture, is the top new refineries in order to invest in Vietnam, the first photographs sent to visit, "the prosecution is not the same with our interpretation."

the top prosecutors inventory of new information and found that the company involved forged 至二 four declarations and inspection reports will feed into edible oil customs, prosecutors should charge the arraignment Wei et al, to clarify whether the instructions employees forgery.

"The Government is doing to eat."

Ministry of Finance yesterday to respond, do not have the exact number of great happiness imported oil, Customs and the Ministry of Health, Welfare is cooperating with the Ministry of Economy in Vietnam staff, great happiness than oil imported from Taiwan data. The default access Ren Weifu Minister Jiang Huang said propylene whether there really more than a dozen big happy family business to import feed oil, will clarify as soon as possible.

DPP Legislator Chen scaled week also broke the news, Taiwan's imports of container big happy feed three hundred average monthly oil, food and medicine is only found in the top the new Department of imported 2.345 million kg, the rest just where? He criticized the Food and Drug Agency is an outrage, "How much evil oil to give the people of Taiwan to eat?" Zhang Rongzhou people cursed: "! What there is not more than a dozen use of feed oil exposure, this government is doing to eat." Cook every day Mrs. Aung broadside: "! bastard government are victims from last more than a year since the copper chlorophyll, administrative inaction and collusion, and now even feed oils are used to feed us, really had enough!"

Wei Ying charge (left, photo) in the detention center calm, yesterday's breakfast includes rice, gluten with pickled ginger. 詹智渊 photo

Read attentive calm prison

And Wei should be charged on the third day of the normal daily routine Changhua Detention Center, walk away yesterday morning to get up to do first exercise, eating porridge with pickled ginger gluten breakfast. The party said Wei Ying charge Duomo Mo read Buddhist scriptures, and I feel calm. Lawyers Luofeng Yin said, today will mention to the detention center to visit Wei Kang Gu and should charge, Yanni defense attack and defense, Wei's family should also send items.

Big oil companies happy small files

Leader: Lu Xing (the membership, nominal), Yangzhen Yi (Taiwanese, the actual person responsible)
Business: feed oil, edible oil and agricultural and fishing products
● Address: Ho Chi Minh City Association Furman County village
involved reason: Ting Hsin Oil in 2005 after the acquisition of justice company, closed pressing lard department, former justice between manufacturers Yangzhen Yi, was established in 2006 to Vietnam big happy company, with new top executives to catch the line, the export of cheap feed oil to the top the new, until 2014 was seized so far
imports: in 2011 to stop the end of June 2014, imports to Taiwan about 43 million kg of feed oil and 5 million kilograms of cooking oil, in addition to the top the new supplier, but suspect there are more than 10 vendors
Source: "Apple" interview finishing

Yangzhen Yi small files
Birthplace: Yunlin Tuku people
age: 55 years old
marriage: divorce with his ex-wife, fathered a child and two women, now Vietnam and Lu Xing cohabitation, fathered two children
Experience: worked in Yunlin County, Taiwan feed mill operators, is now Vietnam big happy fat person in charge of the company's actual
involved: the new system with the top oil executives string hook, imported feed oil from Vietnam to Taiwan for the top new production of edible oil sales, profits

Videos from Apple Daily

★★★ [boycott "sinister Goods' Union] ★★★
Taiwan incompetent government connivance "sinister commodity" endangering national community! Please sinister manufacturers apology and compensation to the community! And permanent closure to legal sanctions!




【綜合報導】台灣人到底吞下多少飼料噁油?我國駐越南代表處昨證實,賣噁油給頂新的越南大幸福油脂公司,在過去三年半,共賣四千八百萬公斤噁油到台灣,這 些問題油可能都已被消費者吞下肚,等於台灣兩千三百萬人,每人吃下約兩公斤噁油。中國附醫毒物科主任洪東榮表示:「飼料油可能存在致癌物與重金屬鉛,以及 威脅人體肝腎功能的黃麴毒素,會增加罹癌風險與造成肝腎功能受損。」



駐越南代表黃志鵬表示,二○一一到二○一四年六月底止,大幸福共出口約四千三百萬公斤飼料油和五百萬公斤食用油到台灣;衛福部食藥署代理署長姜郁美表示, 該署僅掌握二○一一年後頂新、正義和永成向大幸福購油,總量約三百五十九萬五千公斤。換算差額,尚有近四千五百萬公斤越南噁油不知流入台灣何處。



肺癌權威、台灣大學校長楊泮池上周表示,擔心飼料油進入食品鏈後,對基因造成慢性傷害,國人罹癌風險也會上升。中國附醫毒物科主任洪東榮分析,如果暴露在 兩公斤飼料油下,可能增加罹癌風險與造成肝腎功能受損,恐是造成台灣大腸癌與肝癌盛行率比國外高的原因之一;他建議民眾多吃蔬菜與水果、多喝水,有助減輕 累積在體內的毒素。



超他媽go 死啦,shit 等於還有更多的黑心食油流向別家大廠喔!,{(頂新)財團}只是選舉的替死鬼,乾一娘,全民非要提告這ROC政腐及財團到國際法庭(官商勾結蓄意謀財害命)!訴訟贏黨產歸公,開除這政腐,做美國一州,或建國啦!

【影片】2014.10.20 ㄍㄢˋ4800萬公斤 越南噁油台人下肚
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民進黨立委陳其邁上周也爆料,大幸福飼料油平均每個月進口台灣三百個貨櫃,食藥署只查到頂新進口二百三十四萬五千公斤,其餘流向何方?他痛批食藥署太可 惡,「要給台灣人民吃多少黑心油?」民眾張榮洲大罵:「什麼!還有十多家使用飼料油沒曝光,這個政府是幹什麼吃的。」每天下廚的翁太太痛批:「都是王八蛋 政府害的!從去年銅葉綠素至今超過一年,行政怠惰與官商勾結,現在連飼料油都拿來餵我們,真是受夠了!」







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