Yesterday evening, May 31, 2014 ROC (electromagnetic mind control spy Cao Dawei) to murder me, his aging mother was not afraid of it! Also not the first time! 20 years of it! Is many Time to murder me.

 Oh Shit! This electromagnetic spies, even outrageous, so coming across to the left to open the car, the front right side of the locomotive crossed the road to come (positive murder) locomotive collision Sec turn lane a small box instant,

    I  with my daughter and four locomotives together beside, it became clear that the driver back to God, He mouth  say dry your mother cursed Jiaosha small, I would not criticize this driver,

  Because his face outrageous behavior, would like to know if this is the spirit of the brain controls the electromagnetic dry a spy drama yeah! Speech is almost no logical story about it!

  That bastard want Collide my daughter with me,Intent to prevent me to great masters of TUTORIAL COURSE course on English TOEIC

昨天傍晚2014年5月31日ROC(電磁波 腦 控 特務 曹大偉)要謀殺我,老娘才不怕呢!又不是第一次了!20多年啦!很多次要謀殺我。





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