Please go Contact now whole people point (Obama) Presidential Message demands of quickly!!!!! Use (the San Francisco Peace Treaty) into a state of the United States is good! Guam as autonomous as have referendum! Or use (Treaty of Shimonoseki) into Japan a country is not bad!

Is to collapse the ROC government not moral rot! Higher status refuse to do international legal concubine citizens! whole people synchronous with the United Nations, the collapse of expelled international higher status sham a democratic legal separation of the three powers does not comply with the Constitution of the ROC rotten defiance of the international political rot! reject tax referendum election refused to stop with the store pick up the invoice!

請全民點進去跟(歐巴馬)總統留言訴求較快!!!!!用(舊金山和平條約)成美國 一州也好!像關島一樣自治區又有公投!或用(馬關條約)成日本一國也不錯!

就是要瓦解沒道德的ROC政腐!拒做國際沒名份不合法的小老婆公民!全民一起與聯合國同步,瓦解 開除 國際沒名份 假民主 不合法 三權不分立 不遵守藐視國際憲法 的ROC爛政腐!全民拒稅 罷選 拒跟店家拿取發票!

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楊上民伯伯 中華民國政府 欺騙台灣民眾 應屬背信而非詐欺 對不對!?

背信與詐欺都有, 不過中華民國政府的行為, 已超過法律制度的範圍, 是屬於暴政.

※所以記住 是暴政無誤囉!!

集會、遊行是人民天生的自由,也是憲法賦予人民的權利。司法院大法官亦已於2014年3月21日作出釋字第718號解釋,針對偶發、緊急性的集會、遊行 時,法律規定可以選擇侵害較小的方式,而非一定要採取許可制。何況群眾是在請願。既然是請願,就是合法的行為。因此,人民合法之集會,如遭遇警方以強暴脅 迫阻止或擾亂;或以強暴、脅迫使人行無義務之事或妨害人行使權利者,均得訴諸法院,依刑法第152條或刑法第304條判決者外,還得依憲法第24條規定,追究其刑事及民事責任。被害人民就其所受損害,並得依法律向國家請求賠償。
凡人民對國家政策、公共利害或其權益之維護,得向職權所屬之民意機關或主管行政機關請願,這是請願法所規定。人民集體向政府機關請願時,依照請願法第7 條:各機關處理請願案件時,得通知請願人或請願人所推代表前來,以備答詢;因此人民集體請願屬於依法令之行為。依法令之行為,不罰。這是刑法第21條明文 規定的。而且政府機關所施行之政策,屬於不法之侵害,而為出於防衛自己或他人權利之行為不罰。這是刑法第23條明文規定

ROC ROC pseudo- political rot unconstitutional ! Tyranny !

Tang Chao only ask :
Government of the People ROC ,Yang uncle say:  breach of trust and   deceive the people of Taiwan应属fraud right ! ?

Yang Bobo A:
Breach of trust and fraud have, but the behavior of the ROC government has exceeded the scope of the legal system , is part of tyranny.

※ So remember tyranny ROC! !

Yang on China

Police abuse of public authority to perform
Rallies, marches are the people born in freedom , but also the constitutional rights of the people . Justices also on March 21, 2014 to release No. 718 word explanation for the occasional , emergency rallies , processions , the law can choose the way against the smaller , rather than have to take permission system . Moreover, the mass is in the petition . Since it is a petition that is unlawful . Therefore , legitimate rally the people , such as the stress suffered police violence to prevent or disrupt ; or by force, coercion makes things line no obligation or prejudice the exercise of the rights of persons , both have access to the courts , according to Article 152 of the Criminal Code or the Penal Code Section 304 of judgment , as have the provisions in accordance with Article 24 of the Constitution , to pursue its criminal and civil liability. People suffered damage to its victims , in accordance with law from the State for compensation.
Where the people of the State policy to safeguard the public interest or the interest may apply to the competent public authority or an administrative organ of the petition , which is required by the petition method. When peoples have the collective petition to the government authorities , in accordance with Article 7 of the petition : petition case when dealing with government agencies , have informed the petitioner or the petitioner's representative to the push to prepare for answering a question ; therefore belongs to the people of the collective behavior of a petition to make the law. Behavior in accordance with law , no penalty . It is expressly provided in Article 21 of the Criminal Law of . And policies implemented by the government agencies , are unlawful infringement , and to conduct his own defense or for the rights of others impunity . It is expressly provided in Article 23 of the Penal Code , " For now unlawful infringement , and conduct their own defense or for the rights of others are not punished ." Another example of waste nuclear power plant demands , avoid yourself or others in life, body , liberty, property of emergency and distress behavior forced out , in accordance with Article 24 of the Criminal Code : Due to avoid their own or other people's lives , health , liberty, property of the last resort for emergency distress behavior , not punishment.
Subjectively considered contrary to the law enforcement of criminal law enforcement or 152 of the Penal Code section 304 is not over when the law ? But the fact is illegal. However , the police and the judiciary are closely integrated , belonging to the tyranny of the government 's law enforcement agencies , although their expulsion violated the constitution , petitions and criminal law , not to break the law punished.

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