Today, the people of Taiwan on the restoration of authoritarianism and dictatorship (you can also talk about the White Terror reproduction ) revolt exile regime itself does not increase the intensity .
In Taiwan's political , social, economic and other aspects still showed a significant setback , stand out is the people's power and the right to be severely narrows , revenue fell because the majority of Taiwanese do not live hopeless is bogged down . Because the so-called democratic system in exile colonial regime and its first breach of procedural justice within the system itself , a direct result of the regime's constitutional crisis . But Ma Ying-jeou on behalf of the exiled government not only failed to obey the slightest reflection and review of procedural justice and the demands of society , but not at all to respond to the demands of society to take further suppress the people had to do this to launch a peaceful protest .
Ma Ying-jeou on behalf of the exiled regime had caused a constitutional crisis should fully comply with the public apology and to defuse the crisis , such as the return service trade and to halt the project and to take comprehensive measures to cut off the Chinese Communist regime to annex Taiwan and planning steps for themselves .
Ma Ying-jeou 's policy changes above good advice Yigai tough rejected , while the peaceful expression of people's violent crackdown has resorted to tough , and this repression is continuing to upgrade these days is in the open press conference and through the media to further intimidate Taiwan with violent repression People . Such thinking and behavior is completely out of the dictator and the people hostile stance .
Ma Ying-jeou is intended purely want to use violent repression to suppress public opinion , the people continue to submit to the regime's violent repression and colonization ! Under the situation of people have completely lost confidence in the regime , the regime of violence if provoked greater public rally , more responsible and bear the consequences of natural and exile also jeou regime.

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