Please try to force the world's contempt contempt contempt Fuck ROC! yes!
Taiwan 8%Ma  has lost the legitimacy to rule, with the changes in the national police force of the police.
    ausea Ma ignoring the Constitution freedom of speech! National Taiwan became a bandit!
Net po North McNair was paralysis police do control: Let man in the street fear

2014/05/01 16:02 6304
Identified by the police called "paralysis" MRT the man surnamed Zhou,today at 1 pm, police tape from Chiayi to Taipei in Taipei security unit conducted interrogations. At 3 pm, when the men walked out of the security brigade Zhou said only that the article was posted very interesting, but did not write the time, place and "how to stir?" He pointed out that the police practice of "just want to make man in the street fear. "Week men's lawyers have CVC also said that someone Jiu Zhong MRT to Taipei 101 New Year's Eve, is also considered seditious?

The police most Rengyi "Criminal Law" Section 153 and section 185 criminal incitement to commit public nuisance party submission letters between security crimes, the crime if the crime was established two heaviest liable to seven years imprisonment (Yu Siwei / Taipei)

網po癱瘓北捷遭辦 控警:讓市井小民懼怕

2014/05/01 16:02 6304



Please try to force the world's contempt contempt contempt Fuck ROC! yes!
Taiwan 8%Ma  has lost the legitimacy to rule, with the changes in the national police force of the police.
鄙視 鄙視 請全世界盡量用力的鄙視Fuck ROC!yes!
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草木皆兵!警在捷運、北車無端盤查、質問旅客Real or imagined! Police in the MRT, North Vehicle unprovoked Interrogation and Examination, asked travelers


[ WASHINGTON ] Following the Interior Ministry vowed to bring the public may participate in protest of " preventive detention " today after it was rumored that the police carry no reason for people MRT video cameras to collect evidence , and a word of warning to the people staring incident Ma government increasingly frequent public protests , means more and more diverse , attitudes are also emerging panic , Enemy of the people when the situation .
  • 捷連平時人潮就很多,這兩天傳出有人揚言占領捷運後,警方加大盤查的動作,有民眾目擊排隊等候列車男子因攜帶單眼相機,遭到員警盤查警告。(資料照,記者吳亮儀攝)捷連平時人潮就很多,這兩天傳出有人揚言占領捷運後,警方加大盤查的動作,有民眾目擊排隊等候列車男子因攜帶單眼相機,遭到員警盤查警告。(資料照,記者吳亮儀攝)




而 另一名網友也分享了在台北車站類似的遭遇。該名網友表示,在4月20日與朋友相約在台北車站見面,為了要讓朋友知道他的所在位置,該名網友便以手機拍下附 近的廣告看板,未料站立於廣告看版旁的警察突然前來關切,質問網友:「你拍我幹什麼,來這裡見誰?你剛拍的那張照片在哪裡給我看!」讓該網友感到相當莫名 其妙。

McNair even on a lot of the usual crowd , which came two days after it was occupied by MRT threatened police action to increase the inventory , there are people waiting in the train witnessed the man was carrying a monocular camera , was the police interrogation warnings. ( Data according to the reporter Miriam Wu Liang Chang)

Recent Internet spread someone called on the people occupying the Taipei MRT compartment , resulting in the mass transit Taipei police surveillance increasingly tight and sensitive .

A netizen on NTU PTT broke afternoon witnessed a policeman opened photographic equipment to carry SLR cameras unprovoked male passengers to collect evidence , and men do not want to stir up trouble Audibles at the mansion station .

Friends broke the news , said: "In the MRT station saw a mansion with monocular camera people just waiting in line to ride the MRT , the police very nervous not he cute little camera ready to collect evidence , and came to tell it bit did not do anything men : "Do not give me mess my attention for a long time you shake here ! ! " there are too many people can not go without their own MRT had to wait a second class was warned gossip " ?

While the other users have shared similar experiences in the Taipei Main Station . The friends said that in the April 20 meet in Taipei Main Station to meet with friends, in order to let a friend know his location , the name of mobile phone users will be photographed near billboards , advertising is not expected to stand in the next edition of the watch suddenly the police came to the concerns , asked users: "You beat me to do , who come here to see the picture you just took me where to look ? ! " let the users feel quite baffling.


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