蔡 丁貴:暴警跨坐我後背 抓我頭撞地http://www.stormmediagroup.com/opencms/news/detail/43717852-cfef- 11e3-9580-ef2804cba5a1/?uuid=43717852-cfef-11e3-9580-ef2804cba5a1

According to Guo tomography brain , hand shines through X -rays, cardiac catheterization is equipped with seven Caiding Gui , still in the emergency room to see if there are areas of severe concussion, as well as two police officers outside the ring guard . ( Yao Huizhen photo )

Police have been " obstructing flagrante delicto " arrested Zhao Cai Dinggui referendum League total 30 am at National Taiwan University Hospital emergency room with severe regional district to accept the " wind Media " interview . Specify the date of birth of the right wearing a paper ring , but also a series of testing instruments left index finger , wearing a " horse step down " T-shirts Cai Dinggui face full exhaustion, his tone softly but firmly to denounce a Taiwanese nicknamed " nine hundred police officers "in :" He pressed me to the ground , sitting across my back , scratching my head rammed three asphalt , looked , this is a deliberate attack police violence , not the performance of official duties , the police beat was not official . "


Time back to 28 am on Monday , fasting before entering the DPP chairman Lin Yi-hsiung week back home in Yilan worship, said Cai Dinggui from Taiwanese customs point of view, Lin Yi-hsiung ancestral hometowns representatives are ready to death . " for me, watching Lin Yi-hsiung and the world bid farewell to the process , is very cruel thing . "


Caiding Gui said , the same day Premier Jiang Yi Hua has issued " stop work does not mean cessation of " conversation, equal to the demands of the public contrary to Lin Yi-hsiung , so many people are indignant that night to ask what can be done is not a means to allow the legislature responded with the Executive Yuan Lin Yi-hsiung as soon as possible mention " to halt the project " and " modify Birdcage referendum law " aspirations of the two , do not let the tragedy in front of us , "I would suggest that you are not able to try again , went to the 29th legislature , our members continue to meet the requirements , obtain the consent of the Executive Yuan , Lin Yi-hsiung as soon as possible to complete the two demands mentioned . "


The 29th in the morning , nearly three , four hundred people gathered in front of the Legislative Yuan in response , the police also deployed barricades surrounded by layers , more than 10 points a number of people surrounded the entrance Legislature requiring legislators " not only into " near noon time ,蔡丁贵clashes with the police in Jinan road . For yesterday's media as " being rushed to hospital after fainting police subdued " to describe the development of the incident saying , Cai Dinggui clarified : " I ​​was a violent police repression after the attack to the head after hospital , not collapsed ."


Cai Dinggui said there a Hokkien nickname " one hundred nine ," the police, his long struggle with violent attacks where the people , he is very burly physique , will deliberate collision struggle to subdue the masses of people , on the 29th that he wants to prevent a car from to go, people to be close to another , the result " one hundred nine 'to the people who will soon speed collision , " He is too just , so he hit , that people would fly out . "


Caiding Gui said he gas, but the police deliberately attack people , so it is pushing " one hundred nine " , the results lead to a group of police came up , "They put me to suppress on the ground, I 've tilted his head lying on the ground unable to move , " one hundred nine " I sat on the cross- back, one hand clutching my head , pounding the asphalt , you see here ( forehead on the right ) are swollen , he knocked me down three or four , have no way to speak , left Flip also can not move , so only the right hand to protect my head ( cough ) , he was a violent police , as long engaged in social movements of people know him . "


蔡 丁贵said he was sent to the emergency room , the police will catch him here on the handcuffs , Ellen Huang, wait until the teacher arrived to communicate with a lawyer before they removed the handcuffs , he will also be presented with a lawyer to tell these studies were violent police and open for someone to shoot his head banged into the police catch the ground picture , after all, no picture is hard to get into the report .


Trinity protest from eight to now, Cai Dinggui police found a time of increasingly violent repression , "Police increasingly fierce, a small part of the police is favoritism revenge, because they do not like people to express their views on the streets , I feel we are well-behaved , but most of it is because the relationship between the police atmosphere , with Ma Ying-jeou of the ruling group emotions , they began anxiety , so take a more violent repression, from another perspective, he may feel unstable regime , so to repression , the general regime stability , will take a more gentle means . "


蔡 丁贵said this morning that he would be discharged , because the police are obstructing the flagrante delicto arrest him , so we may have made ​​to the police after hospital discharge record , "For my knowledge, I did not interfere with what the public , not the police beating official , I see people violent police attack was shot to push . "


If today whether it will be able to return to the scene to launch a wave of " siege " ? Caiding Gui said , he returned to the scene of the first things that Lin Yi-hsiung called for re-emphasized the principle of non-violent protest , "If Mr. Lin Yixiong not come back to life to save , at least we want to help Mr. Lin Yixiong demands implementation ." To " surround the Legislative Yuan ." controversy caused by蔡丁贵said: "We are not a little violence, I do not even have to tell people ," beaten courage " we containment legislative Yuan is silent because we want to wake up the public, which in the past experience , arrogant dictator , not only because of the dictator 's own problems, but good too silent . "

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