Christian Lin shared sago evil photos. Millet Kaoru said
      ROC government murder student's! quick to spread out to all the foreign correspondents!
:I saw a twitter message that he heard at first hand the student's ~ ~ do not know Is this one is the situation, I do not know how to check from the place only occurs in very clear at National Taiwan University
Last night, I sit quietly behind the female students eager friend informed to him: "My classmates went to the hospital, he said he was sent together with another NTU, but in the end that students were not into it before the hospital declared barely able to breathe!" female classmates and friends look of astonishment, then there will be a network message called the hospital to check if the injured to hospital do not want you to sign a document ....
When the student into the night, which police have photographed all of them contained white gloves, I wanted nothing, but now I know the police a self destroy evil inside fake goods as students.
That has a student was killed, how do not really reported?


Christian Lin分享了西米煞的相片。
Millet Kaoru said:

我在twitter又看到一個學生留言說他親耳聽到的~~不知道是不是這一件是情,我也不知道要怎麼查起 只有發生地點在台大很明確

  • 昨晚學生衝入時,有拍攝到裡面警察個個載白手套,我本想沒什麼,現在才知道警察自導自演,破壞裡面物品假禍學生所為。
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