Today  received a ROC registered letter Case No.:! 102 years Yi Zi No. 1625 of (fictitious) falsely accused me (obstruction of secret sin) should be the time 103/02/26 summons to appear at noon 3:45, 19 Taichung criminal court!

   Brain control me 20 years! Anyway, I play the fool row! Give you support it! Anyway ROC is your brain control no business doing!No money Profitable!To shut me in jail  There are food and shelter! Referendum boss a lot of money too! Referendum pay! Ha! E4% B8% 80% E5% 90% 8C% E5% 85% AC% E4% BD% 88% E9% 9B% BB% E7% A3% 81% E6 % B3% A2% E8% 85% A6% E6% 8E% A7% E8% A2% ABroc% E7% A7% 81% E6% B3% 95% E6% 95% B4% E5% AE% B3% E7% 9A % 84% E5% 85% AC% E6% B0% 91/470017533115624

User's citizens must see my article! ! I think being a little citizen must have

Zhang Qingen

 Finished, turnaround, I hope you can understand what want to say! Independent personality, personality full of Taiwan independence, from infancy to give parents a sense of security and basic needs to feel the love and devotion, knowledge, to learn to be independent; distinguish differences between the parents themselves, and out of their own future, only that a complete, self-realization of personality. Democratic countries, too, from the wisdom is not open to learning human history and culture, understanding Food is, know the value of work, and the importance of social development and harmony with the natural world of survival.

The concept of democracy is the ability for everyone to know the efforts of people, we select him / her for all services, call leader. When the leaders of the unnatural violation Hunger breeds, and began twisting and contrary to the values ​​of humanity, while imposing poison everyone, we rallied lambasting of. And re-let the humane and natural leaders, to serve you. Taiwan can be traced back sixteen thousand years ago, from historical and archeology, the majority of genes that have moved to this evidence of the South Pacific. In Penghu coast, deep sea off the coast of Ilan, has found traces of ancient civilizations. Taiwan has never been independent before? Later, immediately tried to answer. Many people know that Taiwan has been a number of national and colonial regimes in part or in full, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, the Ming dynasty, the Qing, etc., the author's subjective point of view, with many historians believe that the international community will not admitted the Republic of China is a government in exile, colonization of Taiwan now, and is in a special relationship with the union trying to west China continued colonization of Taiwan. In symbolic terms, Taiwan's colonial history, such as a constantly changing Taiwan foster home for orphans like multiple devastated. Taiwanese never a sense of security, a sense of trust, do not believe the colonial regime never really care about the basic needs of the people of Taiwan and psychological needs. But interestingly, the Republic of Taiwan ever existed?

According to Wikipedia, Taiwan has been independent over 150 days. The following information as of Wikipedia ------ Republic of Taiwan, is May 25, 1895

[1] from the Republic of China was founded on a system of government in Taiwan. Resulting from the Sino-Japanese War defeat, the Qing court signed the "Treaty of Shimonoseki," Taiwan and Penghu were ceded to the Empire of Japan. Qing Tang song of the same year published governor of Taiwan, "Taiwan Republic Declaration of Independence", declared "Republic of Taiwan" was founded and served as its first president. But not for a long time, Tang Ching-sung fled mainland China. In late June the same year, the Democratic National Tainan crowned as the original Great General Liu Yongfu second term president. October 19 the same year, Liu Yongfu also defeated fled; was captured two days later in Tainan, Taiwan Republic thus perish

[2], Jo country only 150 days. Taiwan is a democratic country caused by the international community to contain the Japanese colonial rule and the establishment of the Qing Feng Zhengshuo essence; But in the "Declaration of Independence of Taiwan's democratic country", "citizen", "public cite Members", "government impartially", "democracy "and so on into the founding spirit of consciousness, it is the first in Asia, and is considered the first democratic country in East Asia.

[3] above, it may be a history of Taiwan has been independent. But we can take it as an important part of personal growth, that rebellious phase? Standing Committee of the National Council of Atayal Omi Wilang (European honey Wei Lang) said: If we say: "Taiwan is China (PRC) an inalienable territory, we must ask, talks a lot about the history of five thousand years of Chinese to explain how the number of Native peoples have long years ago in this island of Taiwan do if someone says, four hundred years ago, not the national government of Taiwan aborigines conditions constitutes, as Atayal offspring I say:? [yes, then Cinqlangan ( = suku = 'Capital') is the essence of "government", but Qyunun (hunting) is the tribal boundaries].

Cinqlangan (吉恩朗戈安) = Taiya Er government (Pemerintah Tayal) above, of course, is their interpretation of independence is a fact. Independent, simply, the international community, is to be recognized, but the United Nations and international, must admit that you are independent, this is a country. Taiwan, the island has a current international regime is not recognized by the operation, and this regime is a foreign government, and was fled to this. Impact of this regime on Taiwan's biggest modern, after 228 events, in addition to the massacre of the people of Taiwan, and the repression of local intellectuals, each repressed indigenous language and culture to the temptation of power to local people to work for money, in turn, to conduct a comprehensive colonization.

More than half a century of colonial rule, making Taiwanese, not about politics, the system must be under provincial dignitaries built alleys, only to celebrate the so-called Chinese culture myth to many serious relationship with China did not Pingpu people are To pretend to Fujian and Guangdong Chinese immigrants who came. Today's young people are the majority of the soul independent of age too late, because their parents and grandparents have been oppressed, but also have post-traumatic syndrome, unwilling to face the past history of the persecution of the massacre, but also educate the next generation, forget about politics. In such collective psyche, the Taiwan independence movement, extremely difficult to implement. No independent thinking people, how can we promote the independence movement? Does need to rely on the next generation? I do not think so. As the horse power under the control of the government over the years, highlighting the Chinese culture? Corruption and cruelty, plus advanced information can be hidden in many past scandals have surfaced, people's lives misery index is high, and therefore we began to reflect on who he is, why was ridiculous so-called ROC government rule.

In addition, the efforts of the network, so that we know the international success stories of many independent countries, slowly, one by one, began to move towards self-awareness, land identity, national self-determination this road. Independent personality, highlighting the collective consciousness, is an independent Taiwan. Independence movement, is an ongoing evolution of consciousness movement, the time comes, naturally fall into place. Independence, and unity is needed confrontation with colonialism, in cooperation with the People's Republic of China, under the economic, cultural and human wave tactics, the Taiwan independence movement, and how to be successful, it requires that all independent groups in the consciousness the upgrade themselves ready to examine whether there are authoritarian, colonial ideological poison is still heart. As Taiwan has enough power independent personality, Taiwan, can be truly independent.


 Today they received a registered letter Case No.:! 102 years easy word I framed No. 1625 (obstruction of secret sin) should be the time 103/02/26 summons to appear at noon 3:45, 19 Taichung criminal court!

   Brain control me 20 years! Anyway, I play the fool row! Give you support it! Anyway ROC is your brain control no business doing! Profitable! There are food and shelter boss a lot of money too! Referendum pay! Kazakhstan E4% B8% 80% E5% 90% 8C% E5% 85% AC% E4% BD% 88% E9% 9B% BB% E7% A3% 81% E6 % B3% A2% E8% 85% A6% E6% 8E% A7% E8% A2% ABroc% E7% A7% 81% E6% B3% 95% E6% 95% B4% E5% AE% B3% E7% 9A % 84% E5% 85% AC% E6% B0% 91/470017533115624






 寫完了,交稿了,希望大家看得懂要想說什麼! 獨立的人格,獨立的台灣 人格的完整,從嬰兒時期父母給予安全感與基本需求,到感受愛與付 出,學習知識,至學會獨立;區別自己與父母的差異,並且走出自己 的未來,才謂完整的,自我實現的人格。 民主國家也是如此,從民智未開,到學習人類歷史與文化,了解民以 食為天,知道工作價值,與社會發展重要性,並且與天地自然和諧共 生存。


民主的概念,是知道有能力為大家努力的人,我們大家選擇他 / 她為大家服務,稱它為領導人。當領導人違反自然,違反民以食為天, 並且開始扭曲與人性相違的價值觀,同時強加毒害大家時,我們就群 起撻伐之。並且重新讓合乎人道與自然的領導人,來服務大家。 台灣,可以從史料與考古學追溯到一萬六千多年前,多數基因內,都 有南太平洋移居至此的證據。在澎湖外海,宜蘭外海的深海中,都有 發現古文明的痕跡。台灣卻從來沒有獨立過嗎?稍後,馬上試圖解答 。許多人都知道,台灣一直被多個民族以及政權部分或者全面的殖民 ,西班牙,荷蘭,日本,明朝,清朝,等等,筆者的主觀觀點,與多 位歷史學家,都會認為國際上不被承認的中華民國,是一個流亡政府 ,目前正殖民著台灣,並且正以特殊關係與西邊的中國聯合試圖持續 殖民台灣。以象徵意義來說,台灣的殖民史,像是把台灣當作一個不 斷換寄養家庭的孤兒般,多重蹂躪。台灣人從來沒有安全感,信任感 ,從來也都不相信殖民政權真正關心台灣人的基本需求與心理需求。 但有趣的是,台灣共和國曾經存在過?


根據維基百科,台灣曾經獨立 過150天左右。 以下截至維基百科資料------ 臺灣民主國,為1895年5月25日


[1]起成立於臺灣的一個共 和國政體。起因於中日甲午戰爭戰敗,清廷簽訂《馬關條約》,將臺 灣和澎湖割讓給日本帝國。前清臺灣巡撫唐景崧同年發表「台灣民主 國獨立宣言」,宣告「台灣民主國」成立,並擔任首任大總統。但不 久,唐景崧逃回中國大陸。同年6月下旬,民主國在臺南擁立原大將 軍劉永福為第二任大總統。同年10月19日,劉永福亦兵敗逃離; 兩日後臺南遭攻陷,臺灣民主國因而滅亡

[2],國祚僅150天。 台灣民主國為引起國際社會牽制日帝統治而成立,本質上奉清廷為正 朔;但在《臺灣民主國獨立宣言》中將「公民」、「公舉議員」、「 政務秉公」、「民主」等意識納入立國精神中,實屬亞洲第一,而被 認為是東亞第一個民主國家。

[3] 以上,可能是台灣曾經獨立的一段歷史。但我們可以把它當作人格成 長的重要一部分,即反叛期? 泰雅民族議會常委 Omi Wilang (歐蜜偉浪) 說到: 若說:"台灣是中國(中華人民共和國)神聖不可分割 的領土時,我們不禁要問,高談五千年歷史的中國怎麼 解釋數千年前早已世居在台灣這塊寶島的人民呢? 如果有人說,四百年前台灣原住民未構成國家政府的 條件, 身為泰雅族後代的我要說: [有的,當時 Cinqlangan(=suku='首都')就是實質 『政府』,而 Qyunun(獵場)就是各部族的疆界]。

Cinqlangan(吉恩朗戈安) = 泰雅爾政府 (Pemerintah Tayal) 以上,當然是各自對獨立的解釋,也是事實。獨立,簡單的說,在國 際社會,是要被認同的,而聯合國與國際,都必須承認你是獨立的, 這才是一個國家。台灣,目前島上有一個國際間不承認的政權正在運 作,而這個政權,是外來政權,並且是落荒而逃來此。 此政權對台灣近代的影響最大,228事件後,除了屠殺了台灣人, 並且壓抑本土知識分子,壓抑本土各語言文化,以權力金錢誘惑本土 人士為其工作,反過來進行全面殖民。

超過半世紀的殖民統治,使得 台灣人,不敢談政治,必須在外省權貴建立的制度之下苟活,只能頌 揚所謂的中華文化神話,嚴重至許多與中國完全沒有關係的平埔族人 ,都要假裝自己是福建與廣東移民過來的中華人。 當今的年輕人,多數心靈獨立的年齡都過晚,因為父母與祖父母都被 壓迫,也都有創傷後症候群,不願面對過去被屠殺迫害的歷史,也教 育下一代,不要管政治。在這樣的集體心理下,台灣獨立運動,推行 難度極高。 沒有獨立思考的人民,如何能夠推動獨立運動?難道需要靠下一代? 我想不是的。由於馬政府多年來執政醜態百出,凸顯出中華文化?的 腐敗與殘酷,加上資訊發達,許多過去可以隱藏的醜事,都浮出檯面 ,人民的生活痛苦指數高,大家因此開始反思自己是誰,為何被荒謬 的所謂中華民國政府統治。

另外,網路上的努力,讓大家知道國際間 許多獨立國家成功案例,慢慢地,一個一個都開始走向自我覺醒,土 地認同,民族自決這條路。 獨立的人格,集體意識的彰顯,就是獨立的台灣。獨立運動,是一個 持續意識的演化運動,時機一到,自然水到渠成。獨立,是需要跟殖 民與統一對抗的,在中華民國與中華人民共和國的合作之下,在經濟 文化與人海戰術之下,台灣的獨立運動,要如何能夠成功,這需要所 有獨立團體在意識上提昇,自己隨時檢視是否有威權主義,殖民荼毒 思想還在心裡。當台灣有足夠獨立人格的力量,台灣,就能真正獨立 。

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