Improvisation on Christmas Eve last night to drink a little wine with Pub Bar ortho younger sister Charm recent chat Why we like to marry a foreigner , a foreigner then physical problems did not bother opening the responsibility she replied : ! ! !

She hates Taiwan's political rot leave benefits , true scam ! because she married a foreigner in the country to protect women's rights and good benefits ! marry the husband to abandon his country does not matter ! anyway, there is a real blessing single mother raising gold ! child elementary school to high school do not have the money yeah !I found her with me select any kind , be forced political rot ! I told her to marry a good country !

Rather than marry people really love ! But we would rather choose to marry in the field was so happy safe and secure ! Malaysia is also corrupt ! but at least the government admitted that greedy !

there are rules of the game ! would control the exchange rate , anti- bullying foreigners to hype the Malaysian economy affecting local citizens survive !

Even though I did NHI ! public hospital but only( one yuan RM) (NT $ 10), are required to line it ! Elementary school reading without money !

less taxes ! large , national assets , Muslim conservative moral ! respecting the Constitution ! unfair to let the law to improve our videos ! even if you do not lie to the people but also to improve the video !

greater respect for the constitutional law Article seven ( non-racism ) ( faith ) ( law ) .......... more ..... ( equality ) ! ! everyone not to synchronize with the UN election ! do not recognize these three the right not to split, pseudo-democracy ( not to apply on Taiwanese citizens ) to sell Taiwan ROC did not have the legal political rot !

昨晚聖誕夜即興去Pub Bar喝小酒!跟鄰位年輕魅妹聊天!為什麼近年大家喜歡嫁給老外,老外那麼花心開放生理問題沒責任!


       她恨台灣政腐假福利,真詐欺!她嫁老外是因為該國福利好保障女權!嫁給該國家老公拋棄他無所謂!反正有真正單親媽媽福養金!小孩小學到高中讀書都不用錢 耶!我發現她跟我選擇ㄧ樣,被政腐逼得!我跟她嫁的是好國家!而非嫁給真正愛的人!但是我們寧願如此選擇嫁外地才幸福安全有保障!



   大家一起不要選舉來跟聯合國同步!不承認這 三權不分立,假民主(,不為自家人台灣公民)賣臺灣得ROC沒法制政腐!台灣私法人律司已連成一體騙人民的聯合國律呢!我領教過了!我家都是證人!

搞台獨ing的人一定要簡單,謙虛,有創意,並且拋去威權,不陷 在過去,從歷史學習,但不會倚老賣老,回歸人性! 要動靜皆宜,這樣台灣才會有未來獨立建國的一天喔!

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