Officially announced with the world! Article I sent if there is tampering, that is definitely is involved in legal ROC government changed! That is not my!! Because I'm a posting, transfer articlewhole recording will saved certificates!! Formally notified whole World!

Dry U Mother!! Now ROC government announced this scam rot! ROC  used the hacker (home computer) monitor my computer and everything!
Last night, can not see past issued a series of political corruption scandals! Did startle me, in my typing space harass me and help me stop my typing typing! Beside my daughter is a witness! ROC given this law is really a trap framed People yeah!!


幹U 娘!!現在宣布這詐騙集團ROC政腐!用駭客進來我(家用電腦)監控我的電腦及一切!    





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